I Know Who I Am - And I Know Who You Are, Too

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Professionally, I’m considered an expert in the field of consciousness studies. I have four degrees including a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and almost 30 years of clinical experience...blah, blah, blah…

But in actuality, I’m a contemporary soul coach, a change agent, and half of Jonni+Sage. The physical half.

What I know is that it’s the experience that makes someone an expert. My educational bio excels only because of the outstanding, life-changing results from those I've been privileged to work with over the last three decades. 

I have gone from growing and maintaining a very full and rich private practice for individuals and groups to serving clients and students all over the world with my online, easily accessible programs and courses. 

I'm a teacher. That’s me. 

Now, what about you? 

This is what I know about you:

I know that the conditioned patterns you have developed in many lifetimes are likely limiting you from the infinite source of supreme intelligence called the soul. 

On some level, to one degree or another, you are either hesitant, unsure, lacking in confidence, ego-driven, continually coming up short, needy, aggressive… It doesn’t matter what you call it, it all stems from fear of some kind.

Now, you might not say you were a fear-based person, but if you are not feeling strong, capable, courageous, and brave - with nothing to lose - you are in some level of fear, some level of limitation, and it’s holding you back.


Courage and bravery are our natural states. They are the pure essence of soul. They are who we really are. 

We love - passionately, intimately, more universally than personally - and therefore have nothing to hide. 

Universal love does not hide. It’s strong and feels anchored deep within, as opposed to a personal emotional love for another.

In our lives, when “bad things happened” (death, loss, betrayal, divorce, disconnection, etc.) every one of us learned to hide, to withdraw, to withhold, to deny, to lie, to attack - all manner of fear-based, self-protective living.

But you can reconnect, you can remind yourself of your natural state. You can begin a specific expanded consciousness practice like the one I offer. Through it, you'll tap into the energy as it circulates through the levels of your human experiences - from difficult emotions to physical pain, from limited perspective to compounded stress.

It’s like unlocking an amazing healing resource that awakens a deeper level of mindfulness, compassion, understanding, and choice.

That’s not always pretty at first as more and more emotions are unearthed. But over time, it’s more real, more authentic, more meaningful than previous versions of fear or limitation ever were.

Accessing expanded states of consciousness initiates this process because it penetrates multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, and inter-dimensional experiences.

I know that’s a mouthful. The experience is even bigger.

Just like love, the experience grows, matures, has peaks of excitement and depth, and folds in over it itself again and again. It brings a mental focus and inner calm to any situation in life. That’s the best gift!

This life may bring you all manner of challenges, whether they are called losses, betrayals, heartbreak, etc, but because you are strong and clear within now, you are able to navigate the storms so much better.

A final word here.

The messages I bring through in programs are not written out, contrived, read from a book. They are sacred. 

Sacred is an important word. The messages in meditation form shouldn’t be taken casually, but they need to be taken lightly. There’s a difference.

Your expanded mind experience may be challenging at times but it’s also an incredibly fulfilling experience. It is not meant to be briefly attempted, and then abandoned, or you will forfeit all the benefits. That would be like dieting or working out for 20 days and then abandoning it. You know what would happen. *wink*

The sacred messages I bring through aren’t a one-off either. They’re a practice. 

The act of meditation is an internal exercise. And like any exercise, consistency is required to achieve the results you want.

I know in our society, consistency isn’t always inspired or cultivated. For most people, consistency feels like self-discipline, and that feels like a 4-letter word!

If you haven’t done this yet, look at your life and find your own sense of consistency.

  • Where have you have felt the most satisfaction?
  • Was it in finally accomplishing something you worked hard for?
  • Was it in finally achieving something you put time, energy, or money into?

Somewhere in your life, I know you have applied consistency, and it paid off. It may not have been easy, or even conscious, but over time it proved deeply satisfying.

Use that awareness of yourself when accessing expansive states of consciousness and taking in sacred messages. It’s who you are. And it’s your secret soul-connected ingredient for success.