"I HAVE to Read That"

April 9 '17 PM - instagram.jpg

I know one size does not fit all.

For decades I've been bringing through messages from Sage (Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment) and lacing them with ethereal music (thanks, Chris!) to support the depth of connecting with the source and truth of the messaging.

After doing this for years I started transcribing them as well, because the brain wants what the brain wants - to see and read and wrap itself around the understanding.

There are some of you (and you know if I'm talking to you) who LOVE engaging with the sacred messages when they are in meditation form, for in that format the energetics, music, and words gift the receiver with powerful resonance.

And there are others (you?) who really just want to read the words and grasp the understandings.

Personally I like the combo platter. (I usually do.) I LOVE to take the message in while in a meditative state so it can stir my memory banks. After all, Sage keeps telling us they are not teaching us, they are REMINDING us. I LOVE to be a full participate in the deeper rememberings of the truth and wholeness of the messages.

After I've taken the messages in as a meditation, then I LOVE to read over the words.

  • I see things I never saw.
  • I connect dots I never 'got'.
  • I grasp meaning I was on the verge of.

Reading the words completes things for my brain.
Doing the messages in meditation form expands things for my soul connection.

So, in my monthly programs I offer BOTH the messages in meditation form and in transcript form. The combo platter.

But NOW - it's time to offer JUST the words for those who prefer that method only.

The program for the month of April (that's already begun) INCLUDED the words in two digital books to go with the 10 1/2 hours of messages in meditation form. I realize the combo platter isn't for everyone, so....

I'm now offering 'Conduit: A Love Story, Before, During, & After Life, 2nd edition' as a digital book in multiple formats for you to download and read NOW.

I'm also offering 'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now' as a digital book in multiple formats as well.

AND I'm offering them BOTH as a digital BOXED SET for an addition 25% off for the month of April.

As I've said in previous writings - I'm not sure if 'Conduit' is the prequel or the sequel to 'At This Time', so combining them together gives YOU the advantage of BOTH.

Happy reading!