I Have to Ask: How Big is Your But?

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The spring focused theme - 're•FORM•ing: 8 Weeks of Conscious Choices to Evolve Your Best Self Forward' - is swinging into its 2nd month in April. But for those NOT in this current energy program, the energy of change is still palpable. Do you feel it?

That must be why I got the nudge from a few people who emailed me to ask if I could "please!" re-offer 'How Big Is Your But? Moving Beyond Your Resistance To Change'.

They could FEEL their need and they wanted the support and clear guidance.

I hear that! And I'm happy to say, that YES, I WOULD LOVE TO reoffer this phenomenal program - because it's one of my favourites - and SO IMPORTANT 'at this time'.

So how big IS your but?

Did you read that right? I didn't ask you, 'how big is your BUTT?' I'm not that...cheeky. But I needed to get your attention.

Seriously. There's an elephant in the room and its name is ‘Resistance To Change’. Not the catchiest of names, but the most accurate.

Think about it. Do you hear yourself saying, "I want to change -

  • But I'm scared
  • But it's too hard
  • But it's too much work
  • But I tried and it didn't work
  • But I don't know how
  • But I don't have the money..." 

Are these a few of your buts?

They're big. Admit it, they're big buts. They've stopped you, limited you, restricted you, caused you to give up...and yet I bet you're still feeling restless, anxious, knowing you need something to push through that 'glass ceiling but’.

In this program, Sage gives us whole truth messaging for a seriously focused theme. They work with all the influences that support change. 

So, if you feel, deep inside, that it's time to make the changes you know to make, now’s the time, and this is the support you’ve been waiting for.

You know you must stop something, start something, get some traction, change something. But how? Especially when you keep bumping up against your ‘but’.

In Sage's words: "We will look at them from the perspectives of your multidimensional self and your current human identity. And we will work with you to move through with them once they are understood, broken down, clarified."


So are you ready to make that important change?

Only YOU know the one I'm talking about. It's the one you've been avoiding, denying, making excuses for, putting a bit of effort into once in awhile, talking about, not talking about, embarrassed about, proud of, and basically dancing around.

But that was then and this is now. Now you have - 

1) Major support and resources from Sage

2) Original source understanding

3) Step-by-step sacred guidance

4) Focus and application

Do you need more than that? Okay. 

5) 8 sacred messages from Sage which clearly spell out what needs to happen 

8) Almost 2 hours of messages in meditation form for added depth

9) A 17-page Changes Workbook

10) And me, in your inbox twice a week. Walking through the changes with you.

There's so much in a name.

The names of the 8 messages in this program are the process of YOU finally making the change you need to make.

  1. We Are Here To Work With You
  2. How To Leverage For Change
  3. You Must Be The Change
  4. The Energetics Of Evolution
  5. Moving Beyond The Why
  6. Words Are More Than Words
  7. Falling In Love
  8. Release And Leverage


Intriguing, isn't it? And stunningly powerful. I know. I worked with Sage to make a HUGE change I needed to make.

I had my buts, my excuses, my oh-so-reasonable rational, but I wasn't fooling myself. AND I needed help.

At THIS END of the changes, I can honestly say I feel free. Freer than I have ever felt. I'm in my sweet spot. And I want to help you get to yours.


If YOU know deep inside that something has to change - whether it's a habit, a pattern, a relationship, a circumstance - it's time to confront it full on and deal with it once and for all.

This type of change requires an integration of feminine and masculine guidance and support, a lot of psychological and spiritual understanding and planning, and bushels of deep love rather than sympathy, excuses, and justifications.

If YOU'RE ready to make that kind of change, let's do this!

The 4-week self-guided program - 'How Big Is Your BUT? - Moving Beyond Your Resistance To Change'- begins Monday, April 2nd. 

Together, we can harness the energy necessary to make the changes you need to make.

We have the whole month of April to make this necessary u-turn in your life. I really want to do it with you.

If you're with me, sign up now so we can get started. Registration ends on Saturday, April 1st.