How To Get The MOST From The Monthly Jonni+Sage Self-Directed Programs

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It's time to get deeper.

Call it accessing more expanded states of consciousness, or call it meditation - the process of aligning with a greater reality means you are receptive to the greatest understandings, truths, and messages from the cosmos and beyond.

For me, that means receiving messages from the divine guidance of Sage.

Now, you can read over Sage messages in book form in the subjects that most intrigue or interest you.

Reading the channelled words and feeling Sage’s vocabulary and phrasings will stretch your mind to think outside the box. You can find those books on my website with this link.

Or you can consider taking one of the new focused theme programs I offer every single month.

  • Each is thoroughly explained and gentle on your time and abilities.
  • Each program shatters myths and expands on the whole understanding, the integrated soul understanding. 

I'm confident at least one of the upcoming programs will call your name and offer you what you need to further expand and integrate.

So how do you get THE MOST from the sacred messaging? 

I have found that there are some fundamental foundation building steps that truly make a difference in building your skills to get the most out of Sage’s sacred messages.

I’ve organized these into 6 steps. Just 6. They are not difficult. But they are each important.

Trust me on this point. This is where others fail, give up, fall by the wayside, etc.

Without these structural pieces, you aren’t creating the foundation for success and satisfaction to build on. Do yourself a solid. Commit to them.

Okay, ready?


Step 1 - Define the results you want

All meditations promote your physical, emotional, and mental health by unifying the many related functions of your mind and body. That means your heart rate, blood pressure, metabolic rates, cholesterol and hormone levels, sexual function, and so forth.

This shifts the way you think, feel, work, and connect with yourself and others. 

That’s the physical evidence. 

Some of the more common experiences I hear from those I have taught how to take in Sage’s sacred messages include:

  • A greater and easier clarity and focus.
  • More noticeable and spontaneous flow of creativity.
  • Enhanced insight and intuition with the ability to act on it more rapidly and fully.
  • An expanded, holistic awareness, and sense of connectedness with themselves and the world.

This, of course, represents less hardcore physical proof, as much as expanded sensory, energetic, spirit connection.

Most days I take in Sage’s messages for the sake of meditating. No other intention. Just humming and buzzing because it feels so good!

I actively send my energy out or circulate it within myself. It’s more than just my breath. It’s my energy. It can feel like a push but it’s really more like a release. I can push out an exhale, or I can release it. Releasing is much better.

It’s a form of meditation. 

Meditations can also be used for therapeutic purposes. They can be used for specific problems in life. 

Although this approach has been used since the beginning of ancient times, I’ve crystallized and updated it for the modern person in this book.

  • Do you want to meditate to reduce stress?
  • Do you want to get into the meditative zone to be guided to the origins of what you’re feeling?
  • Do you want to fill up when you feel empty – letting images, feelings, and sensory experiences tingle down you like a shower of light beads?
  • Do you want to travel through time and space, into different dimensions, shifting your reality and connecting deeper to your soul purpose on the planet today?

Quite the menu, don’t you think? Different days and different needs will determine different daily intentions.

Define your desire/need/want/intention, and write them in a journal before you begin every day. Otherwise, it’s like randomly dialling up someone and expecting them to be who you wanted to speak with.

Having said that, don’t pose a question to your meditations like they’re a psychic hotline. Simply ask yourself, "What is my intention today?" and write that down.


Step 2 - Start a journal

This is not about journalling. This is about preparing your brain to receive sacred messaging. Remember in school you took notes so you had better recall afterward of what was said?

Writing out your experiences as soon as you open your eyes will greatly enhance your recall and your practice, therefore.

Do you forget your dreams shortly after you wake up? Of course. We all do. But if you wrote out your dreams upon awakening - even if you just made bullet points - you would significantly retain the impressions and emotions and facts of your dream for later reflection. Same thing with sacred messaging.

Don’t be shy. No one need see it except you. Write down, sketch out, use bullet points, form questions, and free flow whatever your experiences and insights were.

If all that came to you were the things your brain wanted you to remember to do - the never-ending to-do list - then once you open your eyes, write those down, close your eyes again, and do the track all over. You’ve cleared your brain, and now you’re ready.

Keep your journal and pen right beside you, purposefully. Then, do it right away before you even start to think about your experience. That’s key. Before you even think about it.

You’ll retain much more that way. Once it’s in your journal, you can reread it, analyze it, and add to it, whenever you want.

Remember, simply turn to a fresh page, and be prepared to write after each experience. 

Over time, you’ll be so happy you did. You’ll see your improvements, your predictions, your emotional understandings. But often these things don’t come out until hindsight reveals them. That’s perspective for you.


Step 3 - Choose your environment

Where will you do this? Wherever it is, make it an uncluttered space.

Turn your phone off completely so you can actively engage with the practice messages without distraction.

Sit up in a leaning position on a comfortable chair. Don’t lie down. Don’t lie your head down.

Uncross your legs and feet, and hold your hands apart, with your palms up. Loosely.

This will increase your ability to rise out of the physical, and into the realm of deep awareness.

For added depth, you can surround yourself with the softest blanket. Place it close to your skin. If you really want to get fancy and honour your senses, add some soothing scents next to you: blossoms, fruit, essential oils, a scented candle.

None of this is necessary, but it can be excellent ways to set the stage, to tell your brain you’re serious now.

Then softly close your eyes. Let the words and music consume every ounce of your focus. Breathe in and out gently, allowing yourself to feel lighter with every breath…


Step 4 - Gear up

There really is no special gear you need but feel free to prop yourself up in a comfortable upright chair or sofa. That will do just fine. Just make certain you’re not lying down.

The absolute best way to do these tracks is with a set of headphones. Whether you’re doing them on your tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop, you will get much, much more from them if you invest in some simple headphones. They work 100% better than earbuds!

Wear comfortable clothes: remove that tight belt, those shoes, anything binding. Take off your glasses. You don’t need them; your eyes will be closed.


Step 5 - Body Preparation

There may be a restlessness your body feels in the first few minutes of settling in to take in your practice. It happens. Sitting still - even for 10 minutes - is rare in our modern world.

If you do find yourself restless though, it’s an indicator that body preparation is important for you. Just as stretching is considered the best warm-up and cooling-down routine that can be done before and after physical exercise, 10-15 minutes of gentle, consistent aerobic exercise may be the best preparation before and after meditation for you.

Try it and see. Remember, everyone is different. And even some days are different. Experiment with yourself.


Step 6 - Make the commitment

To commit is to engage in a promise. 

Think about it. You commit to a person, a job, a habit - sometimes carefully and intentionally, other times without thinking. 

Now I’m asking you to think clearly about yourself for a moment. To show yourself you care. To model for yourself, the level of care you would love others to treat you with. Give that to yourself and you’ll be richly rewarded.

This is not a time to focus on achieving, performing, or competing. This is childlike (not childish) innocence of play and exploration.

Commit to your new inner relationship with the wisdom of these tracks. Start with asking yourself: “What are the greatest gifts I have that I can use to accomplish this commitment?”

Is it patience? Self-discipline? Heart-based desire? Enthusiasm? Organization? Determination?

You know your strengths. Apply them to your budding meditation practice, and you will reap the rewards!.