How To Create Spiritual Intimacy With Others

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a group of vital, spiritually committed women.

We plan on spending the whole day together discussing the current energetics of our times.

We'll talk about the conflicts, the polarities, the confusions, the misunderstandings, the creations, the changes, AND we'll uplevel each conversation to alignment with the greater soul reality.

In other words, we'll MAKE SENSE OUT OF IT ALL.

Leading a spiritual life - meaning living a life with authentic understanding and actualizing of the greater soul reality - means you can't keep yourself in a bubble all to yourself. You can't just read the books and go to yoga class. You can't do it alone.

  • You MUST connect with other vibrant soul-seekers.
  • You MUST share in the vulnerabilities, and shed light for others as well.
  • You MUST be willing to bring it all into the physical human realities.
  • You MUST be accountable to others and yourself.  

The group I recommend for this support and sacred guidance is 'The Changemaker's Membership'. Through Sage's energetics and my consistency of care, together we embrace those who KNOW they are ready to expand and step into the whole life they came here to live because their soul is calling them to make and impact personal and global change.

  • It's not just change for self.
  • It's not just community or global change.
  • It's the integration of it all.

Does this sound like you?

I adore the membership group. It's an intimate group of real women - students of soul - ranging from 25 - 60 years young, from all walks of life, all over the globe, dedicated to living their human lives with its dominant human realities SIMULTANEOUS to living a soul in human form.

These women show up because they are ready to take the next committed step toward living as soul in human form.

The Changemaker's Membership offers an integrative soul-infused practice that meets you at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, at the crossroads of your three-dimensional human and your multidimensional soul.

The practice is practical, accessible, and at the same time, far reaching.

It's the how-to you need to create an ongoing, every day, intimate relationship with your soul. 

The how-to you need to bring your soul to everything you do. It's jam-packed with oodles of content, resources, and support - AND - the deepest sense of belonging you have always craved.