How Big Is Your But?

You heard me. So how big is your but?

Did you read that right? I didn't ask you, 'how big is your BUTT?' I'm not that...cheeky. But I needed to get your attention.

Seriously. There's an elephant in the room and its name is Resistance To Change. Not the catchiest of names, but the most accurate.

Think about it. Do you hear yourself saying,
"I want to change ___
But I'm scared
But it's too hard
But it's too much work
But I tried and it didn't work
But I don't know how
But I don't have the money..." 

Are these a few of your buts?

They're big. Admit it, they're big buts. They've stopped you, limited you, restricted you, caused you to give up......and yet I bet you're still feeling restless, anxious, KNOWING you need SOMETHING to push through that 'glass ceiling BUT'.

Sage is giving us whole truth messaging for a seriously focused theme for the month of June. As always, it's divine timing. They are working with all the influences 'at this time' that are supporting CHANGE.

So if you feel, deep inside, that it's time to MAKE THE CHANGES YOU KNOW TO MAKE, then you're in alignment with the energetics of June.

You know you must stop something, start something, get some traction, change something. But how? Especially when you keep bumping up against your BUT.

In Sage's words: "We will look at them from the perspectives of your multidimensional self and your current human identity. And we will work with you to move through with them once they are understood, broken down, clarified."

I'll tell you ALL ABOUT this program on the weekend when you have time to sit and feel your place in it all.