Here's the Know-How

September 22 '18 PM.jpg

In the Information Age, we were given full access to more information than we could consume. And much of it was conflicting.

The New Age gave us ancient information, abstract information, other-worldly information. Mind-blowing, but not necessarily practical.

Nowadays you can google absolutely anything and find information about it. But what's the quality of the information? Is it opinion, a limited perspective, an actual lie?

In the Soul Age - the age of integrating the earthly realities with the greater spiritual realities - information is the universal truth. It's expansive yet accessible.

It takes into consideration our history and where we are today, who we are today, and what we want and need to know to live a more integrated life.


In October, the universal truth comes through to answer the questions of how.

  • How fear is created.
  • How to evolve when it is easier to distract.
  • How to discern between letting go and working through something.
  • How to cultivate more trust and a deeper connection to the soul's guidance & inner direction.
  • How to protect children, as a parent.
  • How to inspire & develop a spiritual sense in children.
  • How humans can co-create together on both the physical and non-physical planes of existence.
  • How many lifetimes a human has.

These are some of today's questions. If they're your questions too, you can sign up to receive the universal truth.

THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH is the most expansive perspective. It takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities.