Here's How You Can DIY

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If you want to do-it-yourself, I have many resources to support that choice.

If you read my bio you know I am a psychotherapist, a soul coach, and a change agent. AND I am infused with sacred guidance through my work with Sage (read more here).

This universal truth comes through me in messages that are offered in themed focused courses every single month. The theme is based on the current energetics so it works with elevating your awareness and knowledge of the subject.

As humans, we mostly subscribe to the earthly reality. And if you're still reading this, it's because YOU subscribe to the spiritual, the soulful, the greater reality - as well.

In the New Age, spiritual understandings gave us much to consider, but not a lot of tools to integrate them into our earthly lives.

In the Soul Age, we're ALL ABOUT THE INTEGRATION. The focus is on living a life with multidimensional awareness, expanded perception, universal responsibility.

It's about living more than a self-serving only life. It's about making conscious choices for all of life - yours and everyone else's. We're in this together. We are a collective.

I have transcribed many of the previously offered channelled courses and compiled them into themed books. This way you can pick and choose the areas where you want to elevate your understanding.

All books can be downloaded or purchased here.

I invite you to consider the focused area you must change now

Then work with me one-on-one to fast track your change or self-guide with one of my recommended books.


  • Are you stuck in how to move your love relationships forward?
  • Are you excited by your work and feel your contribution is aligned with your values, integrity, and beliefs?


  • Is your health thriving and vibrant?
  • Your health is a reflection of you; do you fully accept what it is telling you?


  • Are you in integrity in your individual and group relationships with your family?
  • Have you found the closeness or distance you need to maintain your integrity?
  • Is there one relationship in particular that continues to challenge you?


  • Are you consistent in how you take care of you body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul?
  • Do you struggle with consistency and often put yourself last?


  • Do you feel good about your money, whether it's income, outcome, debt, savings, and/or investments?
  • Or do you struggle with your flow around income and outcome?
  • Do you think of money as more of a challenge for you than a freedom?


  • Do you struggle with time more often than not?
  • Do you feel like time is short and there are things you are not doing or getting to?
  • Do you feel you're going around in circles but not really getting ahead?


  • Are you comfortable with your age and proud of where you're at?
  • Are you uncomfortable growing older so you either don't think about it or fixate on it?
  • Do you own your aging self at each stage of your development?


  • Do you have a daily practice that keeps you connected to spirit?
  • Do you see more than meets the eye and understand its meaning?
  • Do you feel emotionally up and down more than evenly balanced?


  • Do you understand the messages from your soul and distinguish them from your emotions?
  • Can you expand upon your spiritual beliefs and connect to soul through integrating them?
  • Do you know what living as soul in physical form means or feels like?


Read all the details and download or order the paperback now.