Here's How To Evolve From Where You Are To Where You Need To Be

Earlier in the week, we were talking about your purpose. Remember?

I told you the August Program has your Soul Purpose Manual as ONE of its THREE ebooks in its offerings. And there's more.

Because summer is truly about abundance, there's another manual you'll want to embrace that will give you the BIG PICTURE of your evolution and the evolution of humanity. And that's no small thing.

I told you, August is BIG, and the August Program MATCHES that bigness. Because you're going places and doing things, you'll want the vital roadmap, the GPS, and the COOL WHEELS to get you where you need to go.

There's no doubt about. We ARE living in uncertain times. And if you are here to THRIVE (and you are!), you'll need direction and explanation and guidance.

Otherwise, it's just guessing and assuming and hoping. It's just trying one way for awhile and then switching to another way. It's scattered and reactive and quite frankly, frustrating.  

You want to be in your SWEET SPOT. You want to be ALIGNED with the current energetics AND your soul AND your human - so you can MOVE FORWARD, living the BEST LIFE you can!

THAT calls for a complete understanding of your EVOLUTIONARY PATH. You have incarnated in THESE times for good reason.

Find out WHY.
Find out HOW.
Find your way THROUGH the landmine of these uncertain times.

'The Soul Age: How To Evolve From The New Age To The Soul Age' is the second of 3 Super Soul Age books in THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOL II - AUGUST'S program for deepening and aligning.

Watch this space for MORE information soon!