Here's How To Bump Up

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I told you last week that I've been teaching and sharing sacred messages for decades, which is why I'm equally passionate about building the best platform to receive them on.

So if you're ready to BUMP UP YOUR PRACTICE - even just a notch or two - here are 10 ways I know you can! 

They’re also highly recommended.


You can approach the act of meditation - and the act of living - with passivity, but it’s unlikely you’ll get very much out of it that way. What if you approached your accessing expanded states of consciousness practice AND life by being proactive, assertive, involved, engaged – by choice?


Breathe slowly, with your eyes open, for a half a minute or so. Then let them soften their focus as you gaze at nothing. Then close your eyes.


It’s easier to 'get in' if you go in emotionally, rather than blankly. Go right to the depth. To the centre of your feelings. Go in feeling kind. Feeling gratitude. Feeling...


Don’t over-think meditating. Just meditate.


The warm-up is the breathing; the heart is the exercise.


Stay open. Don’t think you know what the meditation or the message means, or what it's all about - while you’re in it. Wait till afterward to do that. Just stay engaged with it while it’s going on.


During meditation, if your mind is thinking, it is reflecting an imbalanced state of left-brain dominance. It is caught in a pattern of regurgitating past data, making it difficult to stay in the present moment. Let your breath help you. Focus on it. 


If you try to control your expanded state of consciousness experience, you are not in trust. Remember, in life, if you don’t trust, you incur stress, and eventually anger and/or illness. It’s a given.


Treat your inner experience with dignity, courtesy, and respect and you will receive it too. You will feel it.


Trying to meditate after consuming several caffeinated drinks usually doesn’t work out well. You might want to reconsider that choice.

And there you go - 10 ways to bump up. Try one today. Try another tomorrow...