Here's HOW To Be A Leader Of Change

Oct 24 '17.jpg

Have you been going around in circles wondering what you can do to support the world and the direction it seems to be going in?

Now that I've brought through the NINE messages in November's focused theme, I can CLEARLY see what's going on, what needs to happen, and how to make that happen.

Personally, I love guidance when it spells out the clarity and direction. That's because it's confirming of the truth I feel inside.

In November's messages, Sage points a neon arrow in the evolutionary direction. And sometimes we need neon.

Unlike the usual 8 messages in meditation form in a monthly program, for 'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' I brought through NINE messages in this focused theme.

The titles include:
#1 - Leaders Of Change, We Are Speaking To You
#2 - In Transformation
#3 - It Drives You
#4 - The Calling
#5 - You Are Representing The Future
#6 - What Causes Behaviour Change
#7 - It Is Identity
#8 - The Tools Of Your Kit Box
#9 - The Fundamental Components

Each message represents clarity and direction.

There's no doubt that if you choose to ignore the power you incarnated with to be part of the change on the planet at this time, you'll find yourself and your world going around in circles.

But if you know the clues and the signs and step into the Soul Age of integration, you will move in an even-keeled direction of expansive evolution.

And that feels freeing and powerful. On track and on purpose. The sweet spot of soul purpose aligned with the human realities of your life.

Registration for the focused theme of ''Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' is now open. The program begins November 6th.

I'll join you in the program on social media for deeper engagement in November.