Hello June! Let's Be Friends.

June 6 '17PM - instagram.jpg

Six days into the new month and touching the edge of a new season. Can you feel it? Are you ready for it?

As a creator, what are you working on?
What are you planning?
What surprises and gifts do you have in store for yourself and to share?

It always helps to create WITH the current energetics. Otherwise, it's like swimming upstream - and THAT'S a workout.

Personally, I planted my gardens last month and now, now, NOW, I'm taking great delight in what's happening.

At the same time, I began planning and working on a surprise and gift for YOU. But like most things I've planted, it won't be ready till next month. I just wanted to share to put a smile on your face.

In the meantime, here's what Sage has to say about the energetics of June.

It Is June

"It has suddenly become busy, and if you have been used to busy and doing, the influx of newness will find a place of balance alongside this rhythm you have been creating.

If you have been internally experiencing the world, energetically experiencing the world, the busy may feel as a different rhythm.

Where there was bumpiness, you may feel the elevation perspective kicking in, and the “you may now take off your seat belt” sign exhibited.

At this altitude, the air is thinner. You may feel you are breathing or needing to breath slower.

As Sage, we have prepared you with the tools to anchor in. We have prepared you with the knowledge that bumpiness is the pre-flight experience. This is your moment to go within and look at all the variables of your external life. The variables may be switching partners, switching gears, different options, different choices.

It may resemble a complicated chess game. All the chess pieces may have moved this way and that, and you are now looking at your life with all the movement that has been occurring, saying, "Where is it all? What options are there? Where could I go? What could I do? Do I want this? Do I want that?"

The abundant energy has ramped up and is in yielding mode. An abundance of awareness, an abundance of newness, an abundance of opportunities and options are there as creations of yours.

You have been dazzling the energy where there was much growth under the surface. We give you the spring metaphor, the seed cracking open under the earth with the sunshine and the water and more sunshine and more water. The bud breaks ground and you see the presence of what will be growth, what can be growth.

This is universally occurring. At this time, all has been underground. All has been thought and felt and rethought and re-analyzed and looked at again.

Something is budding. Something is starting to pop its head up. You do not know what it is, but it is growth. You do not know what it will become, but it is some form of change.

There is no rush, for you have spent much focus and time and care in getting to this stage of creation to make the emotions and energetics and thought, physical, to make them create a physicality.

Now, as the physicality begins to present itself, at this time, you are requiring the next gear of motion, of care, of watering, of sunshine. We will tell you it is the next level of self care, the next level of research, of soul centred understanding of who you are, what you are doing on your Earth today, in this lifetime, using this time to go over your soul promises and see if they match up with the options which are poking their heads above the soil.

These options, these choices are being seen now where previously they were unseen. Now there is a physical seen, a physical representative. It is not, "What is it? What does it mean? What should I do?"

It is, "Let me continue to nurture this. Let me continue to nurture myself, these options, these ideas. Let me keep loving up myself and see what begins to flourish in the summer.

That is all.”