"Happiness is a Warm Puppy"

May 22 '18.jpg

Charles Schulz knew the truth. June's monthly focused-theme has really taken shape now. And it's all about the animal kingdom. 

Even calling the program 'The Animal Kingdom' shows the placement animals have in these sacred messages of universal truth. The subtitle says it all: 'Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals.'

Here's a little snippet from the first of 8 Sage messages in this monthly focus. 

“And so you wish to know about animals: wild animals, domesticated animals, pets as you call them.

We would be in service to you and to your planet at this time in sharing with you all about the animal kingdom. All about the purpose and the soul of this kingdom.

For years we have shared with you all about the purpose and the soul of you. We have much more we can and will share with you on the subject of you, of course, for you are a precious and important subject. You are awakening love beings. 

However, at this time you are asking of the animals on the earth. This is because you are feeling the energy of inclusion that is occurring on your planet at this time.

There is both a polarity and an inclusion occurring. These energies are providing choice for humans at this time. You are either choosing to be exclusive or inclusive if you will. 

At this time, you have inclusivity of global citizens no matter their background, skin colour, sexual orientation, beliefs and so forth. You are inclusive of interdimensional beings.

Now you wish to be inclusive of the animal kingdom. This is appropriate at this time. 

So we wish to begin by uplevelling your choice of vocabulary as to your term ‘pet’.

This term is an old term belonging to another age of evolution. Yes, you pet your animals. You stroke them. You tussle their fur. 

Many of you believe the term originates from that understanding. However, the word is derived from another energy understanding, that of petty. Animals and children were believed to be less than adult humans, at one time. They were considered petty: inconsequential, insignificant, nonessential. 

From that era, most humans - but of course not all -  began recognizing the value or worth or may we suggest consciousness of children.

This has, and continues to be, a slow realization and demonstration on your planet, in that you would regard children, respect children, honour and accept children, rather than attempt to over control, nullify, invalidate, and so forth.

So as the pendulum swings to inclusivity of all humans regardless of description of those humans, those delineated as children have been more notably seen and acknowledged as humans in their own right with power and purpose and drive. Your creations of uncertainty, of fear amongst children on the planet at this time, have allowed this amplification.

So it with this extension that you are now ready to regard and acknowledge the next line of your human superiority conditioning, and that is, of animals..."

Registration for 'THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: UNDERSTANDING THE SOUL & PURPOSE OF ANIMALS' begins on Saturday. I'll give you more details then. June promises to be an uplifting love month!