Full Moon Message - Sage's Words Of Wisdom

As a former moon goddess (another lifetime folks, another lifetime) I not only still feel the intensity and power of the moon, I feel her potent gifts.

When she is at her fullest such as she is today, she intensifies in her reflection. You feel it. I feel it. We all feel it.

What she intensifies is what Sage addresses in today's message. Have a read.

"As Sage, we love to message you with the intensity.

By intensity we mean there is a greater experience you can have through your senses as though the fullness of the reflection of your moon intensifies the experience you have through your five dominant senses, and through the emotional range that exists within every human.

Intensity is desired for many industries on your planet, for to increase the hearing, the listening, the tasting, the joy factor, the pain factor, has always penetrated through the ordinary existence.  

Of course as you are bringing through more and more understandings and application of living life as soul from the soul's vantage position, remembering you are soul, and living a more soulful life, you recognize that this intensity is not for soul.

This intensity is for your human.

The physical reality is very dominant for you, and for human beings in general. The physical reality is seen as the dominant one of course by most on the planet. This is why we speak to you, for although the physical reality may feel dominant to you, you are also aware that it is not the dominant one, as physical reality changes in the blink of an eye.

You are aware that birth, death, love, loss, connection, and all of these shift in the blink of an eye.

Intensity is often determined by these moments. Yet these moments can come and go, and not have intensity to amplify them or pronounce them as more meaningful, more important, and so forth.

The design of your planet in its position in your galaxy is such that your moon is of great importance. Throughout your history, and history before it was recorded, there have been times of great, great focus on your moon. There have been moon gods and moon goddesses, and honouring of the moon, for the power of the reflection is what has always been the message they all served.

You have been made aware in our messaging that everything in the physical reality is a reflection of you.

Grasping that, and living that, is your truth, is the process you are undergoing. It is a reflection of you.

You could move to the other end of the world, you could change your relationship, your financial-ship, your home-ship, and your physical reality would be a reflection of you. You would find what you need to represent your inner reality.

So the moon is a reflector. The moon has no light. Your sun has light. The moon is this amazing design, fantastic design, very, very similar to human beings in the cyclical nature, the rapidness of exposure, the increments that are there to move gracefully, always gracefully, at speeds that are incomprehensible to human beings but accepted and celebrated in your galaxy.

So the moon reflects little, more, more, great, full. As your moon reflects, it correlates and integrates with the reflection you are witnessing around you, the intensity, the amplification, and so forth.

We bring this message to you on a day of full reflection. What it will reflect for you, what you may notice, what you may not notice, what will stand out for you, is of your reflection. It is what you have prepared yourself to see, prepared yourself to believe will happen, prepared yourself on some level.

It is your choice. We have informed you through our channel of this, and we reinforce that messaging here, now.

You are a creator. You are a creator. You are a creator.

What you are creating reflects for others which is why we also call you a model.

As the moon reflects, it bounces from sun to moon to earth to you. You are receiving this wave, this wave, this wave of light and intensity, and you can do with it what you desire. You can feel from it what you desire. You are the creator.

You are receiving this energetic transmission from the moon from the sun from us from your soul who are able to view it all, to know it all, and remind you of it all, in your access ability on this day at this time.

That is all.”