For the Love of Money

Hey, there's a new moon this Friday, which means it's the PERFECT time to establish a NEW relationship: new focus, new intention, new commitment.

I use the new moon each month to reaffirm a new focus. More than using the 1st of every month, using the ORGANIC new moon beginning of each lunar month means you are aligning with the power of the energetics.

When you live as soul in physical form, that's the only way forward. *wink*

The alignment THIS month brings together ....what did I call it on Sunday? The heart month meets your bank account? YES!

Unless you're POURING LOVE into a relationship, unless you're living it through the LENS OF LOVE, it can't REALLY be a phenomenal relationship. It will be what you bring to it.

If you bring worry, fear, doubt, confusion, resentment, disappointment, mistrust, minimal, and on and on to your relationship, OF COURSE you will create a relationship with those elements.

Yes, I'm STILL talking about your relationship with money.

What if you bring wishful thinking, hope, finger's crossed, or hard work to your relationship? Those energetics will bring a weak and passive, or hard to get relationship. Hmmm.... There must be something better.


It's time to move BEYOND the New Age principles and adapt the Soul Age understandings and integration into your relationship with money. THAT'S powerful.

What that looks like, and how to do it, is detailed in the new 4-week program - It's Time To Change Your Relationship With Money.