February is Bursting Full

Jan 30 '18 PM.jpg

In tomorrow's wee morning hours we're having a full moon eclipse. Its focus is all about the feminine energy.

So I opened up my copy of 'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now' to read a bit about the energetics of February. 


Here's a snippet:

"...What is heart-warming, soul-expanding, universally truthful expansion beyond imagination in the human mind, is the amount of love and capacity for love we see enveloping your planet at this time.

This vibratory attunement is calling all souls on the planet Earth to rise to this calling of being a love planet.

We do not say this to sound utopian, for we are very aware of the polarities on your planet where there are war regions and bountiful regions of peace, where there are regions of love and respect and congeniality, and regions of hate and distrust and malevolence.

The universe is designed with the polarities, and ultimately, the universe’s purpose is to bring it all together in love.


For us as Sage, it is with the biggest enveloping divine love we can communicate in mere words that we tell you what we feel for you at this time.

From our view, whether the existence someone in living in is the darkness of distrust and malevolence, or living the love - both situations are imbued with love and held in the container of love.

It is in bringing together, integrating, and attuning to the next level that is elevating planetary love for the universe, in the universe. Along with that, elevating the individual souls that are inhabiting the planet Earth.

When you squint your eyes and see the flickering, remind yourself that the human form is ancillary and temporary, anchoring you to physical reality.

The more you can see the formlessness behind the form, the more you can feel the love essence we have spoken of over many, many channels through many, many eons.

It is this sense of being energy while being on the planet, feeling the molecules and the space between the physical reality of how you view your body, feeling the molecules and the connections to others you interact with.

It is not as solid physical beings, but as energetic fields.


This attunement is a beautiful opportunity for you to increase your desire to hold and create parameters of a container for expanded energy.

It is the perfect opportunity to attune yourself to consciously choose the new language words to support the new vision for humanity and yourself and your relationships, to consciously choose new and creative approaches, to consciously choose the love response.

This is what is calling you, at this time.

When we bring our messages through in this monthly structure, we wish to remind you that this is the structure according to the calendar you use and embrace with your brain.

What we would propose is a more organic understanding of the times.

Although the messages come through for the calendar month, it is not limited only to looking ahead, but rather taking on the multidirectional, multidimensional, aspects of time and place.

We could just as effortlessly look at the month that was, and describe it with one of your greatest tools you have in human design, which is hindsight.

You have an entire aspect of how you see the world. You refer to as history or the past. You look at it, remind yourself of it, go over it again, or deny that it occurred.

History is, therefore, perspective changing.


What is historically accurate to one may not be historically accurate to the other. How you saw your upbringing may be very different from your sibling, for example.

The lens each person wears when they look back is as different as the lens a person wears when they look forward.

For example, the two obvious lenses looking forward may be optimism or pessimism.

Viewing the future, even looking at February, you could feel inside the lens of choice, so you could brace yourself for what information might be heard, fearing the worst, or even more subtly, believing things might go in a certain direction.

Whether you look at the future with these lenses, or the past with the lens of hindsight - the vision, the version, will always be a combination of aspects of you as the perceiver.

Factual three-dimensional aspects that occur on the planet cannot be disputed, one believes. Another person's perspective and truth works at sharing how in fact it can be.

Physical reality is but one reality.

It is not seen as the empirical truth by anyone except the factual three-dimensional-based alone..."