I Bet You Are Extra Ordinary

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I deal in the extraordinary. Extra. Ordinary.

I do not work as a traditional psychotherapist. I wasn't trained for it. I'm not attracted to it. I'm not very interested in it.

If you're reading this, I doubt that you're traditional either. People probably think you're kinda, sorta different. Some might even consider you a bit strange. You might even agree with them.

But really, I bet you’re just extra ordinary. And in a world that's populated by mostly ordinary people, you stand out.

I'm sure you don't want to stand out. Especially with the label of strange attached to you. You probably want to fit in. But you can't. You're not 'like them'. You’re not ordinary. And you come with a completely different user manual. Society didn't write it. I doubt your parents wrote it, either.


YES, YOU'RE DIFFERENT. Highly sensitive. You either feel a lot, or think a lot, or both. Probably both. You're wired that way. It's in your DNA. Your past lives. Your future lives. Whatever.

You're my kind of person. My favourite kind of person.

So where do you go from here?

You start by owning that you are extra ordinary. Not just hypersensitive and extra emotional. Not high maintenance, or complicated, either. There’s so much more to you than that.

  • Do you understand why you’re having an extra ordinary life?

  • Why you? Why not your sibling? Your friend? Your partner? Why do YOU stand out?

  • Do you know how to process and integrate an extra ordinary life?

  • Are you able to make the most of it?


Maybe you've had an extra ordinary experience of some kind?  Maybe it was supernatural? Or maybe it was unusually painful, or weird, or wonderful.

I’m sure it was highly unusual in your typical circles, so you know it’s gotta mean something, don’t you?

  • Why did it happen to you, specifically?

  • Do you understand - really understand - the story behind the story?

  • Can you make sense of the bigger picture of who you are, and how everything applies to you?  


You do know there’s a bigger picture, don’t you? Oh yes. Most definitely. And you’re in the centre of it.

Now, you’re not there as an ego with your personality and all your wounds and scars and fears.  

You’re there, in the centre, as the power, the conductor, the soul. Let that sink in for a moment.


A while back, I tweeted: "Remember: you're not a voyeur, a life stalker. You're a participant. For everyone's sake, show up & count. Stand for something. Stand for your best."

If I had more than 280 characters I would have also told you:

  • Do not hide because you are different.

  • Do not hide in relationships that do not fully support you, and bring out your best.  

  • Do not hide at work if it's not bringing out your brilliance.

  • Do not hide in a mass of debt or weight or mess or busyness.

Own your extra ordinary state of being.

I want to show you how to make friends with it, now and forever.

Something special is coming in November. I'm preparing you for it now. It's a Jonni+Sage channelled course that will set you up to live the life you were born to live.

Watch this space.