Are You Ready To Uplevel Your Sensitivities?

October 20 '18 PM .jpg

Right now on the Westcoast, we're drenched in the autumn sunshine. The mornings and evenings are cool but by midday, I want to crunch through the fallen leaves and satisfy my inner child. 

So, as I'm crunching away - frolicking, you might say - I feel the intensity of joy matching the intensity of the current energetics.

Intense is the word. Yes. There's a real push/pull energy right now. 

  • You're either feeling pushed or you're the pusher. 

  • You're either feeling pulled or you're the one pulling.

Something's got to give. At least a little. We need a break. 

So when I'm in the quiet space I create to bring through universal truth messages to assist us in these times, to bring through sacred messages to help us understand and work with the energetic influences, I feel the 'break' as an evolutionary activation.

There's a new course coming in November that's ripening into actuality right now. It works with our sensitivities, our power, our evolutionary promise.

I'll keep on crunching the leaves and retreating to my quiet space so I can share more with you very soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to go play outside. Nature is the perfect balm for this push/pull energy. ;)