Don't Be Late For Your Future

Don't be late for your future. It won't wait forever. 

Along with a 44-page workbook (!) you will also receive 8 Sage messages in meditation form walking you through the introduction and courtship between you and your FUTURE SELF.

The relationship is not only NECESSARY during these UNCERTAIN TIMES, it's pivotal for you as a multidimensional being.

  • You cannot just HOPE for a better future.
  • You cannot just WISH things will change.

YOU must be the change you wish to see. (It wasn't ME that said that, but it ALWAYS bears repeating!)

The October program - MESSAGES FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF: The Time To Receive Them Is Now - begins October 2nd. 

In Sage's words...

"As Sage, we come together with you in your present form. We come together with your past forms in linear terms. We come together with your future selves future forms in linear terms.

We believe that you may see a mirrored reflection of multiple, multiple, multiple versions of you in the imagery we are conjuring up with you. This is because you are asking about your future. 

You are feeling the uncertainty. You are feeling hesitation, fear, resistance. You are feeling the range to timelessness, vast possibilities, immense joy.

In order for you to experience the position within the range that aligns you most with your soul, we have for you multiple opportunities or exercises that you can take on to massage the timeline, massage the past, present, and future..."