Don't Be Fooled: A Rest Is NOT As Good As A Change

Do you recall the phrase, "A change is as good as a rest"? It's the truth of course because changing things around, changing thing up, changing routines shifts the energy and invites new thought, new emotions, new physicality.

So when you really feel you need a rest, you need a vacay, you need a break, you CAN substitute a change and that will shift things enough to give the 'old you' a bit of a break.

But it doesn't work in the reverse.

A change may be as good as a rest, but a rest is not as good as a change.

No matter how many times you go down that track you'll be fooling yourself if instead of CHANGING, you take a break, have a rest, plan a holiday getaway, etc. Yet people do it over and over again.

Something's "not working" so they feel the need to get away. Things feel different while they're away so they assume things have changed. And of course, that's not the change that needed to happen.

If YOU know deep inside that 'something' has to change - whether it's a habit, a pattern, a relationship, a circumstance - there's no sense avoiding it by 'resting'. It's time to confront it full on and deal with it once and for all.

This type of change requires an integration of feminine and masculine guidance and support, a lot of psychological and spiritual understanding and planning, and bushels of deep love rather than sympathy, excuses, and justifications.

If YOU'RE ready to make that kind of change, let's do this!

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