Do You Want To Sleep On It? 🙌

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We all have an unconscious relationship with sleeping and dreaming. We know we need to sleep, so we do. But are we getting the most from it? We suspect our dreams are important but we forget them.

It's not about how much sleep we get. Or how dark the room is. Or remembering the details of your latest dream. There's SO MUCH MORE to sleeping and dreaming than that!

If you're ready to hear the universal truth about the sleeping & dreaming as it relates to awakening, then this summer 's double program 'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is calling you.

These fresh channelled messages are more than dream interpretation and sleep recommendations. They are the demystification of all you've been told and believed was true!

Once you feel your way through the whole truth about sleeping & dreaming, you will change the way you live in the expansive Soul Age. And that will change everything.

Read all the program details and sign up here.

Registration ends tonight at midnight. The soul understanding begins on Monday.