Do You Need A GPS? I DO!

Do you need a GPS? I do! And a flashlight, and a map, and some snacks.

I loved the New Age. But that was years ago. Decades ago, really.

I connected with it through books that explained what I was feeling and sensing, through practitioners who heard me, saw me, and worked WITH me. Emotions and all.

But the deeper involved I got in the New Age, in the spirituality principles the New Age presented, the more confusing my 'real life' got. Know what I mean?

I saw a BIG CONTRAST between the New Age promises and the physical reality of my human life and I didn't know how to bridge the two. It started to become like a bad marriage. There was blame and shame and frustration. I needed a meditator. A guide.

In hindsight, was I surprised when Sage showed up in my life when they did? Absolutely not. Talk about divine timing. Sage is all about the SOUL AGE - the age of integration.

SAGE - S AGE - SOUL AGE. I didn't see it at first, but I wasn't meant to. The Soul Age is an evolution, not a revolution. There was no need to knock me over the head. And actually, it took YEARS for me to see and own this integration of contrasting realities.

Now I'm SO EXCITED and PEACEFUL (yes, you can be both at the same time) as a work in progress, that I LOVE sharing all the Soul Age wisdom and understandings with whoever is ready for this stage of their evolution. It changes EVERYTHING.

I told you, August is BIG and the August Program MATCHES that BIGNESS.   

The integration of your realities - your expanded soulful reality and your physical human reality - isn't plain to see OR navigate. I needed the gentle guidance of Sage as MY GPS to take me to that SWEET SPOT.

Now I've brought through the evolutionary SOUL AGE messages FOR YOU so YOU can make your integration too. The understandings, the how-to's, the why's, the history, the future - all of it.

Why now? Because you're ready. Aren't you? 

Collect your snacks and your favourite beverage and sit down to consume 'The Soul Age: How To Evolve From The New Age To The Soul Age'. It's the second of 3 Super Soul Age books in THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOL II - AUGUST'S program for deepening and aligning.