Do Animals Have Souls?

May 19 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

Years ago Sage talked about the acronym for the word SOUL as being the Source Of Universal Love. It's always stuck with me as the definition of soul as well.

So when it comes to animals - those incredible, unrelenting, far-reaching inventions of creation - how on EARTH could they not have soul? Could they not be OF soul? Could they not BE soul?

Still, many people don't think that way. Animals to them are subservient prisoners of man. They are second rate creations. They are less than. They are, well, they are animals.

Well, in this time of great transparency, of truly seeking and finding the WHOLE TRUTH, it's no surprise that we're ready to hear the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS.

We've been bringing up the beliefs of cultures, sexes, and all those who were judged, misunderstood, or lost in the folds of the majorities.

This month the focus is on interdimensional beings - those otherworldly visitors and inhabitants of the planet who actually have purpose and position.

Next month, the focus will be to bring the greater reality understanding of animals to the surface. To give THEM the voice to be heard and seen and respected.