Digging Deeper

September 8 '18 PM.jpg

We finished the first week of the September Course - 'We Are Being Asked: Evolutionary Guidance for Today's Questions'. For many, it was the FREE WEEK.

And for those who relished hearing the Universal Truth about beliefs, emotions, and hormones - the second week digs even deeper.

Week 2 answers questions about laws & rules, about freedom & responsibility, about justice & revenge. BIG questions. Even BIGGER answers. And always timely and timeless. (It's possible to be both. Really.)

Week 3 builds on the previous 6 Universal Truths by answering questions about happiness, about self-esteem, and about groups. It delves into the greater understandings and how-to's because its focus is on how each of us can live life better. 

Week 4 really tops the bigness by answering questions about technology, about genetics, and about energetics. 

The questions have all come from people like you, people I know and have worked with. They are your questions too. They are today's questions. And the answers are the powerful truths that change the way you see and do life. 

Head's up: for those who took me up on the offering of the free first week, I'll send you another special offer. Watch for it in your inbox. If you want to dig deeper, let's go!