Dear Money

Dear Money,

We need to change our relationship. It's not you. It's me.

I need to figure out what we're doing. What we're about. What kind of relationship we really have.

I love you. I'm just not IN LOVE with you. And that's not good enough. For either of us.

I want to be thrilled when you walk into my life. I don't want to cry every time you leave.

I want us to laugh and really commit together, supporting each other to be our very best. But I don't think I'm bringing that to this relationship. I think I'm feeling less than, not as deserving, but then other times I feel completely entitled and often complain to whoever will listen.

I want to get on the same page as you. And stay there. I want us to find the intimacy we BOTH want so we can soar.

If you agree, meet me on February 6th and spend 4 weeks with me. I PROMISE you, at the end of that time, our relationship will change for the better.


Me. XO

The 4-week program - 'It's Time to Change Your Relationship with Money' was made available for MEMBER'S of The Changemaker's Membership in January.  (Membership has benefits. Check it out and considering joining us this year.)

NOW this money-changing program is ready for YOU. Think of it. The heart month meets your bank account. THAT'S integration of polarities!

Watch this space for more details and check out my daily social media memes for even more.