Deadline For Seasonal Interdimensional Journeys Is Thursday

Nov 28 '17.jpg

I always get super excited before bringing through a message from Sage.I feel the energy building, tingling, even waking me up at night.

Because the SEASONAL INTERDIMENSIONAL JOURNEYS are new and unknown territory - the tingling is intense. Different. Unusual even. It doesn't have a foundation. It doesn't have the energy of those in the circle (you?) organizing it yet.

Right now it's pure raw energy.

What I know, at this time, is that the seasonal journey to winter's past that we will explore on Saturday, is forming as I type this.

Every hour, we get closer to the time I will bring through the message, but it's equally shaped by those in the circle. It's PERSONAL to those in the circle. It's FOR those in the circle.

That's why I'm keeping the circle small and intimate.

What I know is that these SEASONAL INTERDIMENSIONAL JOURNEYS will change each person who participates in them. It will gift them with insight and memories, with awareness and visions, that will weave into their thoughts and actions every single day.

Seasonal Interdimensional Journeys are MEANT TO EXPAND those who take them. To expand how they see themselves and their world, to expand how they think and act, to expand how they feel and trust.

So, I feel like a child waiting for Christmas. Giddy. KNOWING it will special. Too anxious to sleep.

Seasonal Interdimensional Journeys begin on Saturday. There are only two days left to register!