Using Your MoneyMaker

Over the years, Sage has spoken on the topic of MONEY before. 

In the summer of 2013 in their very first program, the 6th messages was entitled 'Love and Money'. It was simple and pure and held gems such as - "If you were to spend more time in the energetics of money as love, you would have less triggers and less challenges in the area of money."

We were getting warmed up. Primed to hear and remember more.

In the fall of 2015 in the program 'Living the Soul of Work, Relationships, Health, & Money' - there were two more sacred messages on the topic of money: 'The Greater Reality of Money' and 'The Value Exchange of Money'.

This time Sage went into more detail and understanding in statements such as -

"We can tell you that the identity that you give money in any way of defining it, of the path that it goes into, will need to be looked at by you, or you will still use the old system, the old beliefs, and the old energy of looking at money and believing what money is, and believing what money means, believing what money represents in your life."

and, "At this level, we ask that you look at your utility payment, look at your cell phone bill, look at something as obvious as a reoccurring bill, and rise to the level of value that is being exchanged, or seek to sever that relationship and find a different source where the value with money exchanged can be felt by you as authentically worthy."

Now, in the winter of 2017 we are SO READY FOR MORE. That's why Sage created AN ENTIRE PROGRAM with 8 sacred messages ALL ABOUT MONEY.

Just LOOK at what they talk about!

  1. 'The Energetic Truth of Money'
  2. 'New Principles for a New Time'
  3. 'The Layering of Love'
  4. 'Addressing the Patterns'
  5. 'How to Create the Skills to Generate and Receive Money'
  6. 'Creating the Momentum of Realigned Energy'
  7. 'How to Uplevel Your Patterns With Money'
  8. 'Designing Your Money Future'

Yum, right?

I was so ready for this! I have NEVER seen my relationship with money like this before. What a revelation!
— Margaret M.

Registration ENDS Friday the 3rd of February at midnight PST.