Is it Too Early For a Christmas Message?

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December 1st and the energy is THICK with Christmas plans, obligations, scheduling, shopping, socializing... But what about the Christmas Spirit?

If you're like me, you appreciate a Christmas message BEFORE things really get ramped up. So I've taken an excerpt from the December chapter of  'AT THIS TIME' because the message is truly timeless. 

The message is to be embraced and lived. And THAT'S how you uplevel your holiday season this year.

In December, love is the amplified energetic, regardless of whatever religion one studies or believes in. It is really about amplifying the love of humanity, the love of self, the love of other. 

What does that look like? 

What we wish to have highlighted in December is gifting in the form of energetics rather than purely in the gifting of physical gifts. 

As you are selecting physical gifts, ask yourself, “Do they energetically align with the message of love that I wish to portray or relay to the person I’m gifting to?” 

As you are wrapping the gift, are you infusing the wrapping paper and the gift and the bows and the card you write with love?

This is different than the frenetic pace of having to go out to get things to give to others so you look as if you are a good person, or you look as if you are doing the holidays right, or that you’re commercially getting the pleasure of the person receiving the gift, or that you’re looking for approval because you’ve given a physical gift.

Instead, we wish for your month of December to be about the energetics of love that infuses any physical object. We wish for you to look at the physical receiving of gifts and also acknowledge the energetics, that you speak of love to the giver of that gift.

As always, we wish to give you a practical example.

Perhaps you open a gift, and before you even touch the wrapping, you are present with the energetics of it. By being present with the energetics, you would connect to the intention of the giver. You would connect to the energetic field of the giver. 

Then, with intention, unwrap the gift with the reverence of a sacred package being presented, looking at the physicalness of the gift, not judging it as to whether it is appropriate, or whether it is something you want, or whether it is something that is expensive. 

Ask yourself if the gift is received with the love and intention it was sent with. Notice the levels of intention you connect to as you do this. You will notice the gifts that were perhaps purchased in a rush because the person felt they had to just because of the season. There is no judgment to the layer of where people are at. 

As you truly understand love, you will know that there are layers and layers and layers and layers to infinity of love. There is never an end to love. There is never a cut off to love. There is only the constriction that you as a human will give to love. 

Gifts are a physical human way of sharing love, however, somewhere in the commercialism of the month, this gets forgotten. We would like you to really focus on the love you see as you are going through your days, as you are going through the busyness, refraining from using the word busy, and instead saying, “Life is full”, and really being present with the abundance of your life, and the love that you have. 

If you are feeling perhaps low or down because the holiday season does not represent joy or a sense of love to you, perhaps because of situations in your life where the season is a reminder of loss, connect instead to the physicalness of that. 

Be present with the layers of love you can connect to. That may mean detaching from the physical representation of the season and resourcing yourself at a higher level than ever before, because often in the month of December you are giving of your energy while not replenishing or resourcing. 

In December, resourcing yourself is of utmost necessity in order to be able to gift with love. Otherwise, it is inauthentic and insincere. It is not really love. It is seeking physical approval of identity. 

Gifts can come in many forms. The gift we wish to share with you in connecting to Sage is that the connecting to Sage will continue. It will continue to be of the deepest and most expansive source of sacred ascended guided enlightenment messages. It will be of truth. It will be of accountability. It will be of responsibility. Most importantly, it will be of sacred universal spirit love. 

Our wish for humanity is as it has always been, to heighten, expand, elevate, and deepen every human’s capacity to love. To connect to the soul-based version of love, which is not of physical attachment. 

When you end the month of December, look at envisioning your next year and what you want it to be from the central locus and focus of love. 

Ask yourself how you can bring more love to your work, how you can infuse more love into your relationships, how you can love with true non-attachment, and how you can have the conversations that are necessary to have in order to free up the energy and create space.

We ask you to truly sit with, and meditate on this. Then set a vision of the legacy you are creating for your next year. Ask yourself what your legacy was, and what you want it to be for next year. What do you want the energy of who you are to be remembered as in this year, and in the year to come?

That is all.”