Christmas Message: The Next Level of Love

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If you can steal a few minutes by yourself today, bask in the love of Sage’s words for today:

“You, as soul, are a light being. Your light is requested at this time to impact the entire universe, not just your community, your family, or even your country or your region or the planet. 

The collective light of those on the planet who commit to raising their vibrational energetic being to the highest level possible is what will transform the universal energy to its next level of love. 

This next level of love however, must be felt, lived, and experienced by the energetic beings on the planet for it to collectively impact the universe. This means that every single individual energetic being on the planet must deeply connect to loving behaviour, loving the planet as an energetic angelic being. 

You may hear this and think you need to be as an angel, perhaps all-forgiving and all-encompassing. This is not what we are referring to. 

Love can be shown in many ways that may not appear as love on the physical level, but at its essence, the energetic source is love. 

For example, if someone is in a toxic relationship, and one of the energetic beings in the relationship recognizes they are not able to be their most loving energetic self based on the toxicity of the relationship, the most loving choice would be for the person to vacate the relationship. 

You might say this gives people excuses to make choices that they say are ‘in love’ but they may not be in love, and we say, you will always know it is an energetic choice of love because it will feel profoundly right. It will feel as if there is no other choice evident other than the choice that leads to higher energetic vibration for each individual. 

Your month of December is about bringing people together in partnerships and tribes. Collective groupings of energetic higher vibrational energy is required at this time. 

This requires partnerships to find common purpose that goes beyond the physical of the relationship, that magnifies the love together, that takes the love of one high level energetic being and magnifies it, multiplies it, and shares it with more.

Love cannot be contained. Collectively, for those who vibrate with the same common purpose, by choosing to align energies, by choosing to join lights, planet Earth creates a laser beam of love through the universe. 

This laser beam joins with the laser beams from other life sources in the universe who are collectively making the choice to higher energetic behaviour and demonstration of love. 

At this time you may be feeling the shift away from self interest, away from self development, although it is necessary for each individual to do their own work on their higher vibrational energy. 

Once a level of energetic vibration has been achieved, there is no choice but to share it, and to look at how you can impact the abilities of others to raise their energetic vibrational levels. 

Picture a spark right now, perhaps from a match being struck. In darkness, it is a light that becomes very apparent. Now picture a thousand matches being struck in the same room. How does that shift the amount of light?

You must look beyond the ways you have been using to reach other lights. Everything you do must be infused with your desire to magnify the lights, to raise the energetic vibrational beings you attract in your work and you have in your life, bringing the most energetic love to each person you think about or connect with. 

This does not mean you must choose to spend time with these people or even to ‘like’ them. You simply embody higher energetic vibrational love. Those who are vibrating at the same frequency will join your light, and collectively you will be attracted to serve the common purpose.

For those who cannot vibrate at that frequency, they will simply not become part of the inner circle you are attracting as part of your common purpose group. 

This can be difficult for those with traditional models of family and friends. There are those raised with religious background, for example, who believe that love means you accept everyone for everything. That is why there are so many people who are dysfunctional in their religiousness because they make themselves martyrs. 

They seethe with revenge thoughts, regrets, and obligation, and that is not love. 

They think they are being loving because on the surface they are making a choice that is perceived physically as a loving choice, when in fact the more loving choice is choosing not to vibrate, or be with those who are not able to receive the love. 

At this time, the biggest questions you can ask yourself are,

  1. “How can I make the leap to the next level of love?”

  2. “How can I be love and do love?”

  3. “What is the most loving choice in this moment for myself and for others?”