Changing Your Channel

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Change is in the air. Can you feel it?

There’s an enormous opportunity to change now if you want to, or if you feel you must, or if there’s no other way forward.

So, if you are ready to change, the first thing you need to change is your perspective.

Your perspective is comprising of your living, changing moments of vision, and as much as you might like to think your perspective is constant, it's not. Because you are not constant. You are ever-changing. And so your perceptions change with you. They are simply your unique, subjective viewpoint.

There will be many who vehemently protest that this is absurd, of course. They will roll their eyes, shake their heads and say, "You can't change reality. It's just the way it is." And then they might have a drink and see it all differently. Ah, that famous altered state of consciousness cocktail.

Or over time they might see things differently because their ageing has changed their perspective. But they may never see that they see it differently, saying instead: "The situation has changed. The world has changed. I still see it the way I always have."  And if that works for them, let's just leave them be.

But I’m sure you can admit that really, your perspective is always changing and so you change along with it. Why?

Because you have a uniquely angled view of the world and yourself and so your perspective is slightly different from the next person.

Because time changes your view and your own personal experiences change your view and what you read and see changes your perspective.

And ultimately, you can become aware that your perspective is really a matter of choice.

The level of reality that we all more or less agree on is called consensus reality, or primary reality. It's very basic. An apple to me is an apple to you, kind of agreement.

You operate more or less from this flat-reality, detouring slightly under the influence of altered states of consciousness (alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, and the like), or intrigued by expanded perspectives (philosophy, hearing a speakers tale, love, endorphin highs, etc.). But you don't typically allow that shift in perspective to affect your life and your vision of life, as you continue living it.

But you can.

  • You can define higher consciousness (or expanded awareness) as your primary reality.

  • You can develop a trust of it as your belief system, making the physical reality the not the only one.

  • You can choose to see that there is more to life than the flat-reality.

  • You can invite or engage those perceptions into your viewpoint if you want to live in the sense of more, and if you want to establish a significantly brighter perspective and life.

Your physical brain is built for it. You have some vital, tangible components within you to substantiate your ability to trust that there is more to life - more to living - than just meets the eye.

Your choice of perception though is not just is what you do. It's how you do it. You know this in your head, but so often forget it, as you live your life.

The how factor is a non-linear, multifaceted experience that's always difficult to explain to someone because it's so personal. It’s like trying to explain love to someone. Tell them how love has so many layers and dimensions of experience and see if they can feel it by your description. Of course, they can't. Not enough. Which is why people say that until you're in love, you don't know what it's like.

Reality is the same thing. The flat-reality is the baseline for the three dimensions of physical matter that is only one channel. And there is a multitude of channels of reality! Without knowing that, you typically pick your favourite channel: the one that works for you, the one you were taught, or the one you were told you should strive for.

Perhaps your perspective - your channel of choice - challenges you, or makes you feel good, or perhaps your choice makes you feel bad, but you keep on that channel regardless, believing you don't have another choice, telling yourself, "Life is hard; I was dealt a bad hand; I have to do it this way", and other limited justifications.

Regardless of which choice of perspective you use, that channel is how you, therefore, connect to life. It's your viewing window. And you look at everything in the world and everything within yourself through this specific channel. That's powerful.

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