Change Truths

Things are changing. AND things have to change. That’s because change is inevitable. Nothing on the planet stays the same.

So, either you change or change will happen to you. One way or another, it’s going to happen. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be the one forced or pushed to change. I’m sure you’d rather have the freedom to make the changes you know need to happen. Even as uncomfortable as change may be, you want to be on this side of change, rather than getting caught up in the pressure of the undertow.

  • Maybe you’re feeling something that something HAS to change.

Your emotional reactions? Your repeating patterns? Your financial story? Your time management? A relationship?

  • Maybe you’re feeling the change that IS happening.

Leadership? Power? Control? Community? A new world order?

  • Maybe YOU have to make some changes.

You’ve hit a wall? You have a diagnosis? You can’t take it anymore? You know there is something more?

Because I’ve had a LOT of change happen TO me, I’ll share with you what I do.

Over the years I’ve created a list I call my Change Truths. They are reminders to me of all the positive benefits there are to change.

I keep the list on my bulletin board above my desk and as much as I love change, I only love it when I’m on top of it. When I’m not the one making the changes, when a change is imminent or suddenly happens, when I am suddenly out of control, my list serves me well. It inspires and strengthens me. I read over the Change Truths slowly. Out loud. And feel the power of the words.

Of my 12 Change Truths, some are more original than others, but each one feels personal and palpable to me. Maybe they’re your Change Truths too. Or maybe you can start creating your own from my list.

Either way, Change Truths can support your vision and momentum. You will want to resource yourself with them before you really need them.

  1. When a change occurs in my life, so does my growth potential.

  2. I have everything I need to change my life for the better.

  3. I empower myself when I change the direction, speed, and focus of my life.

  4. Change is a beautiful learning experience and I welcome it.

  5. My body, emotions, and mind are open to trying new things in my life.

  6. I easily and effortlessly flow with all the changes in my life.

  7. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

  8. When I change my thoughts and how I feel, I change my life’s path.

  9. I handle every change with grace for I know that each change has a purpose.

  10. I can be the change I want to see around me.

  11. My desire for change is healthy and fuels my intentional future.

  12. All the power to change and evolve lies within me.

As a Change Agent, I’m here to support you in making the changes you know to make AND in helping you to understand why and how. Let’s talk.