Have You Been Noticing Leaders Lately?

Oct 14 '17.jpg

It's easy enough to spot a 'good leader' from a 'bad' one.

Those who unite, who connect to the people they lead, who have a vision they do everything in their power to implement - are described as 'good leaders'.

Whether they lead a family, a company, a community, a cause, or a country, the fundamental qualities are the same.

And the 'other' leaders? What about them? They have always been on the planet. They have always had power. But now the tide is changing... 

Now, as we enter in the divine feminine influence, the Age of Aquarius, the Soul Age, or whatever you want to call these new times, NOW we are gaining the power to DO something about the 'other' leaders.

It's not a revolution; it's an evolution.

It's at this time, that Sage wants to bring through 8 messages on Leaders Of Change for the month of November.

You're feeling it, aren't you? The shifts that are happening? The turbulence? The uncertainty? The need for us to each own our part in the call to personal and collective change?

What is required now is a firm foundation AND a visionary perspective. Then we're ready for the step-by-step understanding of how to apply it on a daily basis in our lives.

Each of us chose to incarnate on the Earth at this time in history. At this time of change. Not to be passive. Not to sit on the sidelines and watch. Not to play victim. Not to hide out in denial.

We came to the planet to be part of the planet's momentous evolutionary change. To be a changemaker.

How can you step into your soul's plan and be a more effective changemaker? Sage shares all with us on November 6th. It's time.

I'll share more very soon.