Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds: When a Child Dies Before a Parent

We’ve all heard the news of the passing of Carrie Fisher followed one day later by her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Is it possible to die of a broken heart? Of course. And yet it’s more than that.

When a child - no matter how old they are - dies before their parent, something happens. It doesn’t happen to all parents. It doesn’t even happen to all mothers.

But for those it does, the physical severing of the bond between the two initiates a powerful instinctive choice.

Now ‘instinctive choice’ may sound like an oxymoron, but consider it a subconscious reaction that splits into two.

With the absolute inconceivable pain of this out-of-order-with-chronological-time event, two choices - two reactions - are presented to the parent.

  • One is to crumble and stumble and emotionally die themselves.
  • The other is to follow their child and the bond.

As a mother who remembers - and constantly relives - every single minute of that physical severing of the bond 4 years, 5 months, and 13 days ago, I have enough hindsight and expanded awareness at this junction that I can energetically see the split that was so clearly presented to me in that moment and beyond.

The physical reality can be so powerful that it wills the emotions and mind and body. That’s a road. A path. A creation. And it’s forever a possibility.

Even after 1,628 days, I feel the path potential before me, and every single day I make a choice. It doesn’t lessen over time. Time holds no relevance anymore. The out-of-order-with-chronological-time event changes everything. Everything.

I, like the other parents who live with this reality, feel that life has stopped. Everyone else keeps going. They keep growing, having babies, increasing the generations. But we don’t.

We've stopped. We are functioning and emotional and can be deeply connected to spirit and soul, but the human-only aspect of our living has stepped OUT OF TIME, has changed reality to such an inconceivable degree that life is never seen nor lived the same way ever again.

Let me reinstate that this split, this choice of reactions, does not happen to all parents. Not even to all mothers. But when it does, you can see the reaction and the choice and the path. And you can see how time and life are so much more than what you believe they are.

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