Brilliant New Moon; Perfect New Time

Make the promise. Support your very best. If not now, when?

For years Sage has shared with us the awareness of harnessing the power of our planet's moon. They've explained its influence and impact.

When it's in its new phase of cycle, its reflection and power is small. That's the exact time WE can then connect with it to align our desires and commitments for the potential future.

Then, as the days progress, our commitment and application grows with the moon, taking on the fullness and potency in the same way, reflecting MORE light and INCREDIBLE power.

Translated, this means that the commitment you make TODAY, to yourself and new patterns of behaviour, new intentions and actions, has the FULL-ON SUPPORT of the planetary alignment working WITH YOU.

If you've been waiting for a sign to start, a sign to stop, a sign to prioritize, a sign to UPLEVEL, THIS IS IT.

We don't get very far in life as a human-only, or as a multidimensional being on a mission, without this container we call our body.

It's a sacred, intricate system that connects with our mind, our emotions, our spirit, our soul. HOW we care for it, love it, honour it, respect it, manage it, nurture it, move it, fuel it, think about it... - is vital. And necessary. We don't get very far if we don't. Our health is so often one of those things we take for granted. Until it's gone. But it doesn't have to be.

In May's self-directed channelled program, Sage gets into the body in detail, so WE have choice and direction and all we need to take matters into our own hands.

Just look at the titles of the 8 messages in the 4 week program:

  1. Activating Your Superpower
  2. Creating A Fully Functioning Heart 
  3. Unravelling The Understandings Of Arthritis, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, Lung Diseases 
  4. Interconnecting All Your Senses 
  5. Mapping Out The Pattern Repeats With The Corresponding Diagnosis 
  6. Liberating The Epidemic And Invisible
  7. Understanding The Roots Of Mental Illness
  8. Addressing The Cause Of Cancer

Wow, right? May's program, 'It's Time to Elevate Your Health Through Soul Awareness' takes you from the densest reality to the power to create vitality. Who wouldn't want to commit to that?!

And remember, to support the awareness of YOUR HEALTH HISTORY AND LINEAGE ASPECTS, my favourite astrologer Marielle Croft is joining with me in this program by offering a BONUS EXTRA for those who sign up for the PREMIUM version.

Using her skills and deep intuition as a karmic astrologer, she will go through each registrants astrological chart and give them a 45-60 minute reading (via MP3 download) of the specifics of what they have brought into this life, and what they are likely dealing with in regards to their health and wellness.

The new moon is waiting to gift YOU with its support. Sign up TODAY!