Breathe & Love: Sage Speaks To The New Year

January 1 '19 PM - facebook.jpg

"When we remind you to breathe, we are asking for your full focus. We know your mind is full of this and that. Your emotions are keyed up. It is the current energetic influence at this time. And so by focusing on your breath you can dial yourself down as though dimming a light. Just ease it down until you have lowered the thoughts and emotions and found the peace and calm in this moment at this time. 

With your breath, follow along and breathe in as though you are breathing in the planet Earth. Breathe in the planet Earth. Breathe in the round, whole, full energy of the planet. Love her with every breath. Love her within your body. Breathe in all the emotion that the moon is reflecting on the planet. Breathe in all the energy on the planet that is getting stirred up at this time. 

It is indeed being stirred. It has old patterns, previous fears, insecurities, doubts, and it is weakening the whole. It is being highlighted at this time. Highlighted with the magnifying lens of the New Year. 

The earth is bringing her attention to every little thing at this time. It can feel intense. It may feel too much or it may feel intimate. 

Whether you are spiralling up or spiralling down, there is more than enough at this time. Your planet is giving you these opportunities as pressure points. Giving you moments and days to feel the pressure. 

The weather may feel as pressure to you. The groups and companies and communities and causes and leaders can feel as pressure to you. Relationships of every kind can feel as pressure. 

Pressure can spiral up to bring out the highest most expansive version of you, to fulfill and expand, to step up and out. Or pressure can spiral down and constrict and limit and cause you to feel scarcity, cause you to feel hopeless. 

At this time you may be standing on the cusp, observing those who are spiralling up and those who are spiralling down. You may be observing those who are easily influenced by the pressure of the end of year. And we tell you that you have the vantage position to look at it all and observe and breathe and love.”