Are You A Born Empath, Too?

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Here's what I know -

I was born an empath. It's a genetic trait, inherent in my DNA.

It was passed on to me through the generations and even through my lifetimes.  

I didn't learn how to be an empath. But I did learn how to manage it, to dim it down at times, and allow it to be fully operational at other times.

At the very least, an empath is someone who understands and deeply connects to how others feel. Empathy: feeling for another. But that's more commonly thought of as sympathy: how you react to someone who is suffering, for example. That's not the same thing as someone who was born an empath.


Empaths are often highly sensitive people, but not all super sensitive people are empaths.


If an empath has worked on protecting without closing down, on knowing their mental and emotional states without losing themselves to them, on setting boundaries and limits while still loving, they have cultivated the best of being an empath.


As an empath, I'm an emotional magnet, and the very best thing I can do to cleanse my etheric feeling body is to take time out for myself. Alone.

Empaths love to be alone. The world pulls on them too much and they typically need more rest (not necessarily sleep) and alone time, than the average person.

Most spiritually aware people that I converse with are not empaths, but they are very sympathetic, often empathetic, and almost always loving, caring, and kind.

Because of their developing emotional intelligence, they often find themselves the 'go to' person for other people’s emotional needs. They care and it shows.

This doesn't make them born empaths, but it does make them full of empathy. We need these people on the planet. In droves.


An empath has an extremely difficult time with negativity, for as a clear channel of all emotions, they strongly feel. They often take on and absorb the negativity around them. In fact they often unconsciously take on the emotional and physical pain and suffering of others even more than the person who's experiencing them first-hand.

That was my case.

I was raised on a toxic combination of neglect and violence. It was unknown to me at the time that schizophrenia was rampant in my family. In hindsight, it all makes sense, and I see the gift of choice my soul made to be born into that family, to take on the empath but not the schizophrenic DNA. I was the only sibling that made that contract of choice.

Nowadays, watching the news or a movie will still cause my head to react in whiplash motions, my body to recoil, my throat to close up. My visceral experience of it all is that it is real, even though my head knows the movie is pretend.

I've coined the phrase ‘visceral empath’ to identify myself, for I feel everything whether I want to or not. It's an exhausting life.


Over the years I've understood more and learned key management skills. When I'm around those I connect with or work with, it's by choice, so my openness is a beautiful vulnerability which allows for a deep intuition or psychic ability.

But sometimes when I'm around others, I may appear shut off from my emotions. That's because I'm on overload. Because I sense the onslaught of the underdeveloped emotional states of others. It takes too much energy to be around them and I'm left with an out of balance self.

It's for that reason that some people may see me as cold or distant. I've learned to pull away. My upbringing in the school of hard knocks gifted me with that.

It's a fine line to walk between emotional isolation, and self-discipline and control. It's truly a balance.


My husband, Blake, is no longer surprised that everywhere we go people start telling me their life story, intently sharing their pains and gains. He gets tired of it - because it's everywhere and slows us down - but I gently remind him that it's never about the ticket we are buying, or the service we are hiring, or the package we are mailing. It's about the ticket person, the serviceman, the post clerk: they are why we are buying that ticket, or needing that service, or couriering that parcel. It's to encounter them. It's so they can encounter us. So we can all be seen and acknowledged to the depth of our abilities.

I was fortunate to give birth to another empath. And because I knew that immediately, I was able to raise him in the best ways to cultivate his enormous gift, while teaching him the skills to manage it.

But no one can protect someone else, not even a mother to her child, from their soul’s choice to be an empath. And to watch my son absorb and go through the pain from others on the planet was reliving my childhood and creating a deeper soul understanding of it all.


What are the gifts of being an empath besides being hyper physically and emotionally aware?


We can love so deeply and so intimately that it's rare to find a soulmate to match that intensity. It needs to be completely reciprocated in order for it to be given and received in balance.

I had that match with my son, Connor - (and with Connor 2.0). It's empath to empath. But until one connects that intimacy with universal love, it may be a lonely world.

Being born an empath is a huge responsibility, and one I never take lightly.

It's a soul commitment to use the gifts for the betterment of the world. Often, one person at a time.

It's a confusing world both inside and out until one is guided to a greater and deeper understanding and acceptance of the path of the empath.

At this stage of my understanding and acceptance, I'm being prepped to bring through messages in a course that includes the path of the empath. 

Watch this space for more, very soon.