Is It Too Soon To Talk About A New Year's Body?

December 18 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

As I stuff my face with Christmas cookies, I type this. Okay, maybe not stuff, but still…nibble, nibble…just one more.

Let me back up. In the New Age the focus was on the spirit, not so much the body. It was as though we all woke up to realize we were not only a human having a spiritual experience, but were in fact a spirit having a human experience.

Mic drop.

Then came the Soul Age. In the Soul Age, we focus on the spirit, the soul, the mind, the emotions, the body - all the moving parts of our complex selves. So we are not waking up to realize we are a soul or that our emotions are valid. We are waking up to integrate all the moving parts together, in harmony.

Instead of believing your soul is more important than your body, or your spirit is more valid than your emotions, there is a recognition that we are the sum of it all and therefore all aspects are important.

Right now, there’s a significant focus on the body. The earth’s body is reflecting this. The planet is asking for more care and understanding, more respect and love. And so are our bodies.

This winter, I’m bringing through a focused theme all about the body. It’s the biggest MasterCourse I’ve ever brought through because it’s the biggest area of our human reality. And it’s time to FACE IT.

When we can uplevel our understanding of how the body best works, why the body does what it does, how evolution has already affected and will continue to affect the body, what the body wants, and how our bodies are connected to our spirit, soul, emotions, and mind, we are on our way to elevating both the inner and outer body to align with all the other moving parts of who we are.

In the new year the focus is on ‘The Evolutionary Body’ - a 12-week MasterCourse from January 7th to March 20th.

I’ll give you more details very soon. Back to my tea and cookies.