When Things Heat Up, It's Time to Start Cooking

December 22 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

Things are really heating up. Do you feel it? I’m not just talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the ABOUT-FACE we are being asked to do.

If it feels as though 2018 was difficult and frustrating and you weren’t getting ahead - you’re not alone. There were a lot of dominant influences that pressured us, suppressed us, and limited the flow of love in all its forms.

But as 2019 approaches, we really are doing an ABOUT-FACE. We are aligning with the position of responsible choice and integrated action to work TOGETHER, in UNITY, in HARMONY.

That influence and dynamic is true whether you are a company, a country, a family, or an individual.

As an individual, you want to work WITH your mind and emotions, WITH your spirit and your soul. You want to work WITH your masculine and feminine, your past and future, your conscious and unconscious patterns.

And everything funnels through your body.

So, this winter, I’m bringing through a focused theme all about the body. As I’ve said, it’s the biggest MasterCourse I’ve ever brought through because it’s the biggest area of our human dominant reality.

January’s MasterCourse speaks the universal truth about everything to do with your body - your looks, your health, the future of your body, your DNA, your body beliefs, your inner workings, your aging process…

In the new year, the focus is on ‘The Evolutionary Body: Elevation of the Inner & Outer You’. It’s a 12-week MasterCourse that runs from January 7th to March 27th, because spring will look even brighter when your body lines up with your beliefs and actions.

Registration opens on Saturday. I’ve got to get back to present wrapping. Later.