There's More To Being Sensitive Than You Think

October 16 '18 PM.jpg

For years, those who were sensitive and even extra-sensitive were drawn to my work as a transpersonal psychotherapist and past life regression therapist. 

They often felt that traditional ways and means of discovery didn't work for them. They needed greater understanding and a path forward.

One by one I connected with these special people and their sensitivities and stories. I listened, I spoke; we did beautiful work together. And over the years I started to see their sensitivities as so much more than the disabilities they believed they were.

Now, as an evolutionary guide whose work is infused with universal truth, I see so much more than I did even then.

There's a new course coming in November that's been building for years. Yes, it's for the sensitives. That's you, isn't it?

Watch this space for more detailed understandings of November's offering. The timing is perfect for those who are ready to reap the gifts of their sensitivities.