Being Thankful For It All Is Hard. But Necessary.

Oct 7 '17 PM - instagram.jpg

Sage reminds us that the holiday of Thanksgiving - like any holiday - is the contrived time of year we want to remember something. We want to do something. We want to get something. We have many expectations and lots of assumptions.

Just like planetary influences, holidays are part of the current energetics, for they emotionally and physically imprint on the planet year after year.

You can try and ignore the holiday but it's all around you. The buzz is felt. It permeates the air.

Better you should make friends with it.

In the Soul Age, being thankful, being in gratitude, is not just about all the 'good things', the blessings, the highs, but about being thankful for it all.

THAT'S not an easy thing to do. Of course.

Even though your SOUL tries to remind you that you planned on having a full range of experiences on the planet, your EGO likes to remind you you're a victim. Your ego loves to point out all the things you DON'T have, all the 'bad things' that have happened, all the sad things you wish you didn't have to go through.

From the human-only perspective, the victim label is clear. But from the human-AND perspective, things shift and transform.

In the Soul Age, the age of integration of your soul and human, you can use Thanksgiving to OWN, EMBRACE, and INTEGRATE the full range of things that have happened to you in your life.

Start by taking some time by yourself this weekend to get quiet and connected to the love. First thing in the morning works wonders if you can swing it.

Listen to the voice within you that wants to claim 'victim' over something that happened to you in your past, the voice that does NOT want to be thankful for what happened, that has shame or blame attached to it.

Ask the love energy to show you the gifts of this event, this situation. Feel the vulnerability sweep over and through you. Watch it transform what you see and feel and know.

Own the WHOLE STORY now. Embrace it. Love it up. 

Replace the human-only victim perspective with the THANKFUL (tear-filled) version.

Take time to let this settle in through the layers and layers of ego-created limitation. The ego can be resistant, like a stubborn stain that doesn't want to come out of your favourite shirt. But you have the most potent stain remover: LOVE.

If you want or need help doing this exercise, let's do it together. That's what I do.

From my experience, life is too short to carry the victim card with you for the rest of your life. Once you realize the WHOLE TRUTH of your particular situation and are able to OWN, EMBRACE, and INTEGRATE it, the THANKFUL energy frees you up immensely. And THAT changes everything.

I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.