Becoming An Integrated Superhero

Becoming an integrated superhero takes understanding and activation. Do you realize you have outstanding abilities you never tap into? You see others using these abilities. You read about them. You even watch them in movies and shows. But then you go back to your everyday life and ordinary ways.

These abilities are your superpowers. They elevate you beyond your everyday ordinary life. Want to find out what they are?

Once you claim them, you can USE them like any superhero does, to create the next level of elevation for others. Not save others. Not rescue them. Elevate them. Want to find out how?

At this point, you can LIVE YOUR LIFE from this superpowered position. It affects everything, including your history and future. Want to tap into that?

Once you're living your life as a superhuman, the INTEGRATION allows you to merge your energies of human existence into a single powerful identity encompassing all roles. Want to sign up for that?

And then there are the other superheroes....

There ARE other superheroes in the world. You won't be the only one.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create a superpower tribe to replenish, resource, and restore your superpowers and the super elevated levels of awareness as your human journey continues? Want to find out how?

I'm describing the third of the 3 Super Soul Age books for THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOL II, of course. 

'The Superhuman Self: It's Time To Activate & Claim Your Superpowers' 
'Soul Seeds: The Time To Align With Your Soul's Purpose Is Now'
'The Soul Age: How To Evolve From The New Age To The Soul Age'

These 3 books AND a 35-minute one-on-one conversation with me, make up the rich and life-changing AUGUST PROGRAM. I'm THRILLED to open up registration for this self-guided program today so you can carry on creating your soulful foundation for these uncertain times.

Registration is now open.