Because Life is Short and the Time for Change is Now

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We can count the linear years and cross our fingers that we'll live to a ripe old age, but of course, that guarantees nothing. Certainly not that we've LIVED.

Living isn't experienced in the number of years; it's experienced in the depth of moments.

Call it moments of love and laughter, of joy and happiness, they are the moments of depth and significance. The moments of soulful connection.

A series of life events created an urgency for me to help others live life in these moments. To create more and more moments, more and more depth.

And that means CHANGING how and why you live. Asking yourself what your motivation is, what your purpose is, what your reason for being is?


I know that ultimately life is short. 

I'm passionate about leading the change we are being called to make by the planet and the universe.

We are living in unique times and they're calling for us to consciously evolve.

You're feeling it, aren't you? The shifts that are happening? The turbulence? The uncertainty? The need for each of us to own our part in the call to personal and collective change?

That doesn't mean change is easy or that you have to change. But if you want to LIVE, to EVOLVE, to do more than survive or make it to retirement. If you want and feel the need to create a better world and life for yourself, for those you leave behind, and for your future selves, then the time for change is now.


Personally, I've had a series of life events which have sped up my soul's calling.

Not to cue the violins, but here's the impactful sequence:

  • My sister and father both suddenly died 10 days apart in 1995.
  • 4 months later I discovered my ability to channel spirit and soul
  • My remaining two sisters and mother died, one right after the other
  • 4 months later my only child, 22-year-old Connor, was tragically killed.


So I learned - INTIMATELY - that LIFE IS SHORT

And I learned that there are GIFTS from being broken open. 

When we are broken open we have clear access to spirit so in addition to being a psychotherapist with almost 30 years in private and group practice, my life experiences GIFTED ME with sacred guidance.

This sacred guidance came to me after the sudden death of my sister and father and the collapse of my marriage. They introduced themselves to me as SAGE - the acronym for Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment.

I was, and am, extremely humbled and grateful, and continue to see the connections between life's disruptions and the potential gifts. 


If you don't know me, I am known as the psychotherapist infused with sacred guidance. Integrating my work with sacred guidance allows me to live and serve with soul.

I've changed and continue to change. To adapt, to evolve, to expand. Now, my unique experiences can help you:

  • Gain clarity in uncertain times.
  • Recognize and realign your unconscious patterns of repeat.
  • Create a plan to make and sustain change.
  • Answer your soul's calling to be more, to do more, and live more, joyfully.

I believe that the combination of a sound psychological approach aligned with sacred guidance is a powerhouse formula for success - however YOU define success.