Asking Questions; Getting Answers

August 11 '18.jpg

Are you beating the heat? Managing to find some shade and R&R time? (Me too.)

The more I'm in nature, the easier it is to hear all the questions in the ethers. That's likely because nature is a balm for the nervous system and when that balm is applied, there's a gentle wave of HYPER-COMMUNICATION that anyone can connect to. 

So as I'm sitting in the shade feeling the expansive open air with the sweet fragrance of my garden, I hear many, MANY questions. 

These questions are coming from those I connect with - readers, clients, members, students - you know who you are. In these uncertain times, there are TONS OF QUESTIONS.

And as I listened and received them, I began to realize that September - the ole 'back-to-school' time - was the perfect time to ask Sage these questions and to hear what they had to say. Afterall, that's why you're asking them, aren't you?

It all started a few months ago when I asked the committed women in the Soul Group Membership if they had any questions for Sage. Not personal questions, but bigger questions. Explanation questions. Questions that others are likely asking too.

Each member gave me their question. THAT'S when I began to hear questions in the ethers from the next level of those who connect to the energies of Sage.

Watch this space for more about these questions. And answers. ;)