Are You Ready To Know the WHOLE TRUTH About Animals?

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Are you ready to know the sacred truth?

If you're reading this, you are likely already on the path of connection with the soul of animals. You subscribe to my newsletter or blog because you want to know more about the soul of life itself. Soul in all its understandings, and as Sage would say, 'applications'.

We can never know enough about soul. We can never LIVE enough soul. We crave it. We long to LIVE THE SOUL OF EVERYTHING because we know there IS soul in everything.

Soul is truth. Core truth. Universal truth. It is the whole understanding that is more than can be measured by our thoughts and perspectives. 

That's why we must continue to expand our minds beyond their default position of "I know, I know" and really LIVE in the depth of all that we are.

In June, you can start here. You can start with getting deeper understanding beyond the thinking, into the knowing, into the universal truth of your place in the world alongside animals.

Animals are here for a reason just as you are. It's time to align with the universal truth and live in accordance with that truth in all areas of the soul of animals and you.

June's monthly focused-theme - 'The Animal Kingdom: Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals' is now open for registration.

Check out the titles of the 8 sacred messages from Sage:

  1. The Energy of Inclusion
  2. The Abilities of Animals
  3. The Difference in Degrees
  4. The Mutual Agreement
  5. The Integration of Oneness
  6. The Consciousness of Animals
  7. The Companion Animals
  8. The Choices & Gifts