Are You Ready To Claim Your Purpose & Activate Your Superhuman Self?

Are you ready to claim your purpose and activate your superhuman self? That's what August is all about.

July's cooking up an even hotter August, and I'm not just talking about a weather prediction.

Things INTENSIFY in August. They always do. And they intensify in every direction.

There's more emotions, more expectations, more angst, more hopes, and often, more fulfillment in August.

So to USE that energy, to ride on its powerful wave, I'm releasing 'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times' VOLUME TWO.

'Volume II' takes the content of 'Volume I' to the next level - but not in a linear way. In a bigger way. A more expansive way.

In 'Volume I', Sage takes on 6 focused themes and busts some myths, gives whole original understandings, and elevates the practical as well as grounds the ethereal.

In 'Volume II', Sage takes on just 3 focused themes but gives each of them the necessary substance, depth, and illumination to REALLY make a difference in your life.

  • Want to know your soul's purpose for YOU in this lifetime AND how to activate and live it? Sage will break it down in clear easy steps.
  • Want to know how to make THE MOST of your spiritual understandings? Sage will walk you through the evolution from the New Age to the Soul Age.
  • Want to know how to activate your bigger, brilliant superhuman self? It takes more than a cape but Sage will teach you how to fly.

Stay tuned for August's ABUNDANCE of 40 MORE messages - in 'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times Volume II'.