Are YOU Living in the Soul Age NOW?

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I get that there's confusion. "Soul Age? What's that?" I hear on a daily basis.

Although Sage has been addressing the subject of our evolution into The Soul Age in most of their monthly messages for over a year now, it feels time to break the subject down into practical understandings.

Unless it's user-friendly, it won't "make sense". And unless it makes sense, we're not sure WHAT to align with.

You are no doubt familiar with the spiritual New Age Movement. It's what we call "spiritual", really.

But if the principles of the movement aren't working for you, aren't helping you integrate the concepts into your human life, it's likely because YOU'VE KEPT EVOLVING, and those principles are OUTDATED for the current energetics and the path your soul is creating with you.

WE are creating the next stage of OUR evolution. Sage and I have termed this fusion THE SOUL AGE. It is the energy of the times and the energy I help clients and program participants tap into.

WE are taking the next step beyond the combination of the Information Age and the New Age. WE are entering the Soul Age.

When you look around there's evidence in grassroots movements, community collectives, whole-thinking strategies, and organically remembering and living who we really are.

Whether you connect to, and live the Soul Age in your yoga class, your local farm to table food co-op, or in your choice of alternative vehicle and home, the Soul Age is living true to your WHOLE self. Every. Single. Day.

- The Soul Age is about personal accountability and global responsibility.

- The Soul Age is about challenging the old order by living beyond your perceived limitations and restrictions.

- The Soul Age is the era of empowerment, the 'We are in this together' anthem, but not JUST as a human, as a multidimensional being.

- The Soul Age is consciously redefining your focus, purpose, and remembering your past so you can create your future.

- The Soul Age is so much bigger than your individuated self, and yet your individuated self will benefit from it all.

- The Soul Age is representing the legacy on the planet Earth going forward.

In the Soul Age we are taking both the physical and spiritual, entwining them together, and allowing this integration to come to the wholeness of their origin.

So are YOU living in the Soul Age Now?

Next week I'll present a 15 point chart so YOU can find yourself on the evolutionary path from the New Age to the Soul Age.