Are You Identifying Too Much With Your Past Self?

Are you identifying too much with your past self? Because your future self has something to say about it! Sunday's workshop was just the tip of the iceberg.

What I mean by that is that it was the start of a beautiful relationship. The beginning. The first date.

Now comes the courtship. The romance. The reality.

Those who were in Sunday's workshop know what I'm talking about. Together we spent a full day playing in the 'Silly Putty' of time. We rolled it, stretched it, and transferred details from the past to the future. Then we read the past again. And the future changed. Amazing.

I remember when I was a just a kid and Silly Putty was THE TOY of choice. All I needed was the coloured comics in the Sunday newspaper to generate hours of creative fun. Remember?

October's 'Messages From Your Future Self' feels a bit like that. Of course, Sage takes the pedestrian fun and up levels it to DOMINANT REALITY.

But if you remember the Silly Putty days, or are willing to suspend your hesitation, uncertainty, and disbelief that you can receive messages from your future self, then you CAN play in the future, in virtually the same way you can play in the past.

I'll show you how.

With Sage's sacred guidance I reshaped the in-person workshop to an 8-part month-long self-directed program.

Along with a 44-page workbook (!) you will also receive 8 Sage messages in meditation form. Just look at the titles of each message:

#1 In The Midst Of Forming
#2 Tapping Into Co-Creation
#3 Creating Empathy For Your Future Self
#4 Love Letter To Your Younger Self
#5 To See The Threads Of Your Life
#6 This Beautiful Version Of You
#7 From My Vantage Position
#8 The Hindsight Of Future Self

The process you go through in taking all 8 sacred truth messages in changes how you see yourself in the past, the future, and even now.

Perspective changing is power. Follow it up with aligned action and you're TAPPING INTO AND USING YOUR POWER. It's you as soul, as superhuman, as empowered. Ready? Registration begins Saturday!