Are You Common?

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Sometimes I hear from someone who tells me they can't seem to keep up with their commitment to a monthly program commitment - even though it's only twice a week for a tremendous amount of gain.

They give me their reasons and ask me what advice I have for them.

First off though, if you are one of those who DO keep up, then your consistency is admirable. Pat yourself on the back.

But if you feel yourself waning, if you’ve missed a sacred message here or there, let me share with you the 10 "most common" reasons I've discovered that explain why people often DON'T keep up with their choices and commitments.

(And by the way - this list can be applied to many things. It's really about you.)

Now, I know I said "most common reasons". 

If you want to be common, and even "most common", that's your choice. But I suspect you know you are more than that. 

You are actually a very interesting and at times exceptional person. Right? 

So, if you see your reasons on this list, see if you can make your commitment stronger.


#10 - “My environment isn't conducive to getting into a meditation.”

I hear this a lot! Solution? Be creative. Do the sacred messages in your car, in the bathroom, at the office when everyone has left. Create your privacy. 


#9 - “I keep falling asleep when I try.”

Solution? Try it in the morning. Try it in the afternoon. Try it in the evening. Mix it up. Don't lay down. Don't do it when you're too hungry. Or too full. Turn your phone off. Turn the lights down. 


#8 - “I can't quiet the voice in my head.”

Solution? Even with me talking? Okay....then listen to what I'm saying. Really listen. Treat it like a conversation and it's my turn to speak. Focus. In 13 or so minutes or so it will be your turn. And you can take your turn by writing down in your journal what you want to say back.


#7 - “Things come up when I do a meditation that I just don't want to think about.”

Solution? That happens to all of us at times. It's part of the process. Write out what comes. Figure out (later) what actions or power you have to take on doing something about those things. Trust that the message meditations are trying to open up those areas and give you new insight. They are. They do. But not instantly.


#6 - “I have trouble relaxing. I'm too restless.”

Solution? Take on some form of body movement before settling down. A bit of aerobic movement hits the spot. But not so much that you're exhausted.


#5 - “I don't know anyone else who does this.”

Solution? Receiving sacred messaging is a private matter between you and your power source. Anyone who connects (meditates) does it alone anyway. They close off the three-dimensional world, focus internally, and connect to the multi-dimensional world. That's what you're doing too.


#4 - “I missed a few days of the program and so I just gave up.”

Solution? That's a very common decision to make in any area you may not have 'kept up in'. Work, diet, saving money, exercising, breathing. [Okay, maybe not breathing.] 

The point is if you miss a few days you can always restart. Nothing changes. You have the messages downloaded. You start again.

That's really how life works anyway. A new day; a new start. We're programmed for that.


#3 - “I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with this.”

Solution? I hear you. Really. Receiving sacred messaging in meditation form is not very measurable. It's a process. And not a linear one. Over time, the results are noted when you see yourself in hindsight. The stick-to-it-ness is key though, to attain those results.

How long should you stick to it? Well, start with a month-long program. That's a great start. And I have plenty more. Every month I have a focused theme with a minimum of 8 messages in meditation form.

Because you’re receiving my newsletter you’ll hear about them. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the write-ups, email me. I’m in this with you.


#2 - “I’m not motivated enough.”

Solution? I can't motivate you. Only you can motivate you. What's the source of YOUR inspiration? Define your goals. Know your style. I've written about this many times. It's all necessary to really propel you forward.


#1 - “I keep forgetting to do it.”

Solution? See #2. Really. It's about the motivation. The focus. The prioritizing. How important is it to you? How important do you want it to be?


Final word: Please don't be "common". Prioritize yourself and feel the value.