APRIL - At This Time

I may be ahead of myself (which won't surprise me at all, time traveller that I am) but apparently April's message from Sage is ready to be delivered  - 'at this time'. ;)

The message is actually the introduction to the new book and program 'At This Time', and explains April, patterns and cycles, your evolution, and the phrase 'at this time'.

The message includes both the audio/meditation form as well as the full transcript. Have a listen first. Then a read. Sage's messages are always multi-layered that way.

“As Sage, we have much to share with you at this time.

Every cycle, every season, every calendar month, every rotation of planets, your days, your nights, every completion of cycle opens the next cycle, the next cycle, the next cycle.

Every lifetime completes another lifetime, begins another lifetime, and may we tell you, all of these overlap, intertwine, in the grandest scale you could ever imagine.

So as much as you would like to imagine they are linear, spread out, one day, one night, one month, one season, one life, another life, this is the most simplified understanding for the design of brain you have originated with on your planet.

As your evolution continues on every level from your most micro-cellular molecular understanding that is then shared and experienced and expressed by many and many and many, the evolution moves you to the greater, not just understanding, but experience of the multidimensional multi-cycles and patterns that are occurring all ways/always.

As Sage, this is why we use our phrase ‘at this time’, for it is the understanding of this focus moment that encompasses all aspects of what you might consider past and future, what you might consider past lives/future lives, what you might consider previous months and years, upcoming months and years.

We tell you it encompasses it all, and in this pivotal moment we wish to express it as ‘at this time’. As Sage, we have declared we are not fortunetellers, gurus, mystics. We are not here to foretell future.

We are here to share with you the vantage position you are evolving to yourself. We are here to remind you of this vantage position for in your multidimensional state you know it as well.

With this channel in this life we have brought through monthly messages as a way of understanding, for you, influences and patterns and cycles as they are exposed and expressed on your Earth in your news, in your environment, within your home, family, body, personal life, and so forth.

For a handful of years we have gifted you with these monthly messages. This format has delivered to you the focus that you may have for the month, more than a fortuneteller's prophecy for the month ahead. In these messages we have declared your vantage position is in hindsight at this time. You may look back to the month that was, for example, the years prior to this, the lifetime prior to this in your linear set up. In other messagings of your month we have declared how to access, how to work with your future. We are continually using the formats of linear time by bringing it through as a monthly message because we know as a human being you are deeply encrusted in the clocks and calendars of your age.

So what we have proposed with our channel is a cumulation of messages, one each month, that will work with the energetics, the patterns, the cycles, the potential that you may progress to, rise to, expand to, uplevel to, at this time.

Each month has an opportunity, of course, for there are imprints upon your planet. There are environments within seasons that have imprinted and laid down feelings, emotions, mental ideas.

You refer to them as holidays, anniversaries, birthdates, and so forth, as well. These all affect where you are in your cycle pattern potential and so forth.

As Sage, we wish to give you our sacred guidance each month wherever you are in your patterns and cycles, so that at this time you may harness the support, make the changes necessary with your expansive awareness, and then live it through your daily thoughts and behaviours and actions.

We offer this accumulation of messagings that can be taken month by month, step-by-step, in bite-size pieces to digest, assimilate, process, to work through to the next and the next and the next elevated state that you said you wanted to attain and live.

We have so much appreciation and love for you for at this time, in this incarnation. On your planet you are at a pivotal turning point, and we are here to provide the guidance for the changes you must make now.

That is all.”