And the Socializing is Ramping UP!

With the snow piling up for most people I know, I look outside and only see a few flakes. It's where I live, nestled between two snowy places. If I want snow, I can drive to it in either direction. But otherwise, it's calm and there's an ease.

It reminds me of December's socializing. If I want it, I can go to it. If I don't, I can stay in my own zone.

So before I went to 'the office Christmas party' last night, I knew I needed a bit of prep. It's like checking for snow tires and that I'm bundled enough for comfort.

In my case I reached for one of Sage's timeless messages. This one is from their Christmas oriented program - Living the Soul of Family, Gifting, Socializing, & Holidays - which is available on demand, and self-paced at 40% off this month. PERFECT.

Here's what Sage reminded me of for my preparation:

"We have questions we want to you to ask yourself regarding this theme of socializing.

We wish you to have a practical tool to use prior to socializing, perhaps during the socializing, and post socializing. And that is because everything is an opportunity.

So if you are saying, “Oh, I just want that to be over” or “I’ll get through that” or “This is going to be so much fun; I want it to be so much fun” - all of those examples are filled with expectations and assumptions.

So you are creating the events of socializing prior to showing up, and being open for a new version of you which will change the dynamic of the socializing for everyone.

So we repeat, any pre-thought pre-expectation of any kind, using your computer-like brain to look back over previous times of socializing with these people, or this event, or that place, you will have a plethora of memories. And the memories are filed by your computer brain by emotion.
So the corresponding emotion to those memories is drawn from the memory banks.

And you, with a brain that loves to assume it knows, a brain that is built for quickness of, “been there; done that”, rarely is able to step outside the expectations or the presupposing, and instead show up fresh, show up as a brand-new version of you.

Now, for practicality, we could tell you to have amnesia, however, we want to to remember that you have a purpose that may not yet be understood in the socializing opportunity before you.

You know what the prescribed purpose is, or the contrived purposes is. That may be understood.

And so we ask you to ask yourself, “What opportunity is here for me?” Not as a human to get something, to be seen as someone, to be seen as special, to be acknowledged, for those are all the human-only aspects.

Instead you have a choice to bring yourself to that positioning of mindfulness, elevating with the feelings of being weightless and timeless and nonphysical formless - to be the energy of light, to light up like a Christmas tree, not in an external-only way, but to simply bring your light, your best self, to the socializing opportunity.

And when you do that, you are not bringing past with you. You are bringing present with you.

Each of you can imagine yourself lit up within at this socializing opportunity. And you can watch. You can observe. You can be very, very present with maintaining your light.

You may notice the triggers that could occur, and you may see them faster, and catch them sooner, so you do not plummet down into those patterns of previous memory.

When you are showing up as light, lit from within, when you are showing up fresh, when you feel only the opportunity of being love, of sharing, gifting, socializing, love, you are the one who is capable of maintaining that positioning.

Ask yourself at the end of that event, “How well did I do with that? Was there a trigger moment or two? What did I I feel occur? What did I do?” And if there was a triggered moment, redo that scene in your mind’s eye as the powerful creator. Redo it.

Hear or see or feel that same trigger, and watch yourself, a beacon of light.

Trigger has no effect on you. You smile, and you know they are just being themselves, for example.

And so there is an evaluation we are asking you to do after a socializing opportunity for the most practical application of how to live as ambassador, how to live as the light where ever and whenever you are with others.

It is not an evaluation of critical or judgmental. It is an evaluation of love.

“How well did I love? Is there more love I could have brought in?” Not over giving. Recognize when we say love, it is the beaming from within of universal love. Love. Not doing for others. Love."